NE Florida Studebaker Club

North East Florida Studebaker Club

Members: Nollie and wife Janelle Hinton


Nollie L. Hinton, 75 of Callahan, Fl. passed away October 1,'09 at Shand's hospital, Jacksonville, Fl.
Nollie was born April 17, 1934 in Runnelstown, Mississippi to Tillton and Eugina Backstrom Hinton. He retired from Hinton Trucking Company, was Founder and served as President (3 Terms) of the Northeast Florida Studebaker Club, a Chapter of Studebaker Drivers Club International, President of the Jacksonville Off Shore Fishing Club, Member of the Lions Club of Callahan, Deacon of Riverside Primitive Baptist Church, President of the Deacon's Association of Florida and attended Jones County College.

Nollie was an avid Studebaker collector and preservationist.

A few of his Treasures; (#1)

And, now for his cars. This beautiful 2004 Avanti convertible is his favorite.


Nollie isn't a Studebaker purist, he recently acquired this beautiful 1948 Lincoln Continental, a rare jewel.  Although a Studebaker man at heart he couldn't

pass this up.




MEMBERS: GARY and wife MARY McLain

Gary and Mary are residents of neighboring "Callahan", 20 miles North of Jacksonville. Gary maintains a shop where he is restoring his 1963 R2 Avanti. He has many other projects in the fire and even finds time to help his neighbors get their 4 wheel vehicles ready for hunting season. As soon as he can get a picture of the Avanti R2 we'll post it, I'm sure it will be a beauty. Mary keeps him busy with her "Honey-do" list but Gary is a mover. We look forward to seeing his project completed by this spring.

Unfortunately we lost "GIB" this last year and Melanie has sold their car. We will miss them at our Meetings. We wish Melanie the best and are available to assist her through this difficult time.


"Gib" and Melanie live in Middleburg Fl. area so it's a drive for them to come to most of our events. They drove their 1950 Studebaker Starlite Coupe to our Christmas Dinner meeting at O'Charlies were we captured this picture. We will try to arrange a dinner meeting out their way soon. Melanie indicated the "Golden Corral" has a Meeting Room so we'll try to schedule a Meet there. We don't know how long they have owned their '50 Starlite Coupe but looks like they have been taking very good care of it. We'll get closer pictures and more information to post when they come to the next meeting.



Unfortunately Erica wasn't available when pictures of David and their beautiful 1954 Studebaker C Cab 3R6 Pickup were taken. David and Erica are from the Julington Creek area of Jacksonville and are enjoying two additions to their family early in the year 2012. David purchased Roy Hastings '54 Pickup and Erica presented David with a 5 Lb 8 oz baby boy (both in January) "Andrew Louis Trucks". We feel certain Andrew will grow up a Studebaker driver and SDC member for sure. David has hand rubbed his new pickup, installed many NOS parts he's gotten from Roy and is preparing for it's first showing at our St. Augustine picnic. He's also planning on entering it in the combined Fl.State & So.East Zone Meet this October. Welcome aboard our Chapter and we look forward to meeting both Erica and Andrew.



Greg and Kaytee recently moved to Jacksonville, Florida from Huston Texas. Greg is a software engineer and is establishing his own business here in Jacksonville as a consultant engineer. He may be traveling a little but plans to complete the restoration of their 1961 Lark VI, hopefully before our State/Zone Meet October, 2012. As soon as he furnishes pictures I'll post them so we can see how much he's accomplished. Greg and Kaytee took the " GRAND" prize at our Valentines Day dinner at Clark's Fish Camp. Certainly are starting off on the right foot. WELCOME to our Chapter !



Steve recently purchased the last Avanti to be sold. A minor mishap during shipping lead to the car being repainted using GM's Cadillac Pearl-White which has proven to be a real plus. This is an outstanding car and will win many 1st Place trophies along with being a joy to own and drive. Watch for this one, it's a beauty.


Although not a "Studebaker", Lark Steve's wife is proud owner of a new model, 2 seater, made by Mercedes. She and her son's fiancee drove her new "Smart Car" to Callahan, Fl. for the "Railroad Days" festivities. She claims the car gets about 41 mpg. Looks like a fun vehicle and only a 7 Gal. gas tank




Roy has been our Technical Director and Shirley our Secretary since the Chapter was formed. Roy has many "Studebaker's" in cacoons waiting his talented hands. His favorite Studebaker is a 1955 President which he brings to most meets. Another favorite is his 1935 Packard, a museum piece for sure.

(On Left)   



Ken and Carol joined our Chapter mid 2007 and organized our first cruise to "Old Town". Most of us had heard great things about Old Town but few had made the trip. We all enjoyed the cruise and plan on visiting again, this time staying for the weekend and joining the Parade of cars in the evening. Ken and Carol enjoy driving their Champ pickup and getting lots of "Thumbs Up" as it cruises the highway.


BIG Yeller, Carol's and Ken's latest addition, a 1948 Pick up.


MEMBERS: Tom and wife Rosemarie Johnson

Tom and Rosemarie joined us for our first Breakfast Meet at Bob Evans Restaurant. Their trusty Lark carries them to our meets and also took Tom on the Old Town cruise. Rosemarie had another appointment and missed the cruise but as you can see Tom looked very relaxed. Maybe next time, Rosemarie.




Nick and Bernie, our "Events" planner are having fun restoring her Lark 8 and recently purchased a 1963 Avanti R1, Bright Red. Nick is making some minor repairs to the Avanti and will bring it to our next Meet so I can provide pictures. Nick is an expert diver and teaches diving while Bernie works at the zoo and loves taking care of the animals. We have placed a "Link" to Nick and Bernies Diving business (Weekend at Bernies)on our the site. Go to the "LINKS" page and check them out.

     Pictures of the '63 Avanti, R1 to follow shortly.


MEMBER: Larry Bryanton

Larry has graciously volunteered to be our "Treasurer" since first asked 10 years ago. He balances our finances and keeps us on track, his efforts are truly appreciated. Larry was the third member to join when our Chapter was formed and seldom misses a Meeting and gives the financial report. Larry's pride is his 1988 Avanti which recently won recognition (Trophy) which he forgot to take home with him.



MEMBERS: Marilyn and Lewis Parrish, Daughter Sallie and Son Lewie.

 The Lewis's have been members of Studebaker Drivers Club and local Chapters for many years. They were members of Jacksonville's first Chapter "Cowford Classics", where I met them in 1981. No telling how many Studebaker's they have owned over the years. Their son "Lewie" I'm certain will carry on the family interest. Unfortunately he wasn't available for the above photo. We'll catch him at the next event. On the other hand, Sallie never misses the opportunity to attend an event with her parents. She enjoys the cars as much as Marilyn and Lewis.



Bob and Trish have been members since the current Chapter, "Studebaker of Northeast Florida" formed. Moving to Jacksonville in 1981 Bob belonged to the original Jacksonville Chapter of S.D.C., "Cowford Classic". This chapter, started by Wayne A. Mikell, was founded in 1977 and dissolved around 1984 when Wayne moved away. Thanks to our current Chapter founder, Nollie Hinton of Callahan, Fl. we again have an active club with 24 members. Bob and Trish own this black 1956, Golden Hawk (w/continental kit). Bob purchased it in 1975 and has driven it covering the East coast from New York to Florida over the years.





Herb and Cindy attend many of our club functions transported by their trusty 1949 Champion. Herb says it's "a work in progress" but with many other studebakers in his collection it may be a while before its finished to his liking. The car is in original paint and with a little buffing still looks good.


A recent addition to Herb & Cindy's collection is this beautiful 1974 Avanti, previously owned by member Buck Buchanan. Highly maintained it is a show stopper. Cindy & Herb enjoy the ride and attention.

Herb's daughter Lisa Priest attended our Meeting and enjoyed meeting many of our members. A new face is always welcome, please join us again.




Richard and Mary are "Long Distance" members living in the Buckeye state, Fredericktown, Ohio.

Richard owns a number of Studebakers which he drives regularly. His pride is a new 2006 Avanti, raspberry convertible. This car is equipped with a Ford V6 engine. This is the only Avanti powered with this ford engine. Additionally, his second jewel is a Red, 1988, Avanti, convertible previously owned and driven by actor Michael Landon. It is currently being reupholstered in leather.


Richard and Mary travel to the Jacksonville area and attend our Chapter Meets whenever he visits his son and daughter-in-law Lark James, of Elkton, Florida.(also members)

In 2006 Mike Baker convinced Richard he should take advantage of Michael Kelly's offer for Avanti lovers to attend the Grand Opening of the new plant in Cancun, Mexico. Kelly not only showed us all a good time, but also sold me on the 2006 Avanti. I received another call from my son Steve, telling me he was buying the next to last Avanti sold by the Avanti Motor Corporation. He said the last car was a rose colored convertible (the only one to have a six cylinder engine) and I might be able to purchase it. This car was their demo. I had seen the car in Cancun at the grand opening. Alas, another flight to Atlanta and another historic Avanti for me.

Father and Son's 2006 Avanti's




Bill and Bonnie have been with the club since inception. Bill owns a beautiful 1957, Red and White Golden Hawk and an 1981 Avant. Although we haven't seen them recently we know their in beautiful shape. Bill is a stone-mason by profession and real estate investor and travels the southeast building water falls and tropical gardens in commercial businesses and private homes/estates. He goes by the name of "STONEMAN" He and Bonnie attend many meetings and enjoy showing mostly the '57 Golden Hawk. We did get a picture of the 1981 Avanti at our annual picnic (Anastasia State Park '09)



Don and Sandra have been members for 2 years and are actively looking for a Studebaker. Their preference is a 1952, 53 or 54 Coupe, with minimal restoration work needed. They want to enjoy it driving to meets and entering in local shows.



We found a picture of Ben's "Skytop" at the Albany, Ga. State Meet.    

Although he and his date attend many functions they avoid notoriety by hiding in the crowd. Here we have Ben, we think he came alone this time. Looks like the camera date was spoken from his mouth. Ben is the owner of a rare 1963, Lark "Skytop" . He has put many hours into its restoration and now its paying off. At the Georgia State Meet he won a 2nd Place trophy and at the Jacksonville, Fl. 35th AACA Antique Car Show he won two trophies, one for finishing in the top 50 and a 1st Place in Class. He beat out a lot of Ford's, Chev's and other Orphan brands, all "chromed out" to take these trophies home. Good job Ben, show them Studebaker's can compete and win.






Rick and Carol's newly acquired 1961 GT Hawk. Now they can come down off the porch and run with the best. (Although his previous '49 was super clean) Carol had an eye appointment and couldn't make it to the shoot so we'll have to catch her next time. Look forward to seeing more of these two now that Rick has retired (somewhat).




Buck has been a member our club since it's beginning. He is credited with helping at all events, building signs and sign post holders and managing the parking areas for both major events. (Southeastern Zone Meet 2002 and our State Meet 2006.) Buck is always ready and willing to participate and help when ask. Buck has been a "Studebaker" fan and owner most of his adult life. He has restored a number of Studebakers and Avanti's. His 1974 (pictured) is for sale. He has maintained this car in super condition and enjoys driving it anywhere.




Welcome new members Ed and Sue. Ed recently retired from the Navy and moved to Jacksonville. Ed & Sue's Marshall Pursuit is a rare cruiser indeed. A limited production car with Avanti power to catch law breakers. Yep, Red light on roof and all. This car is currently completing a major makeover, i.e. engine rebuild, transmission rebuild, carburetor rebuild, power steering and more. She should be ready for our spring picnics and shows.




Welcome new members Jeff and Milinda. Jeff is in the process of a total restoration of this highly desirable, 1951 Starlight Commander Coupe. These two couldn't wait to show us their car so they hauled it to their first Meet. This is as close to a frame-off restoration as it gets. Great looking outside, inside and underneath. Jeff is doing a super job. This car will take a lot of trophies in shows to come. Look for it at the St. Augustine, Anastacia State Park picnic in 2012.



Welcome new members Jean and Terry Pope. Finally got a picture of the "Golden Hawk". It showed up at our annual picnic (Anastasia State Park). Looks great, Jean and Terry are proud owners of this special model of Studebaker and I know we'll be seeing more of both at future meetings and events.



Francis and Bob are proud owners of a 1963 Daytona, Lark Convertible which Bob says is in final stages of restoration. Bob is doing most of the work as he has a background in the automotive industry. Bob was a Auto Dealer for many years and has owned and driven many Studebakers over the years. April 2011 will bring our Annual Picnic and hopefully their convertible will be ready for display. Bob and Francis reside in Middleburg Fl. and enjoy the country living. Bob was able to attend our July 16 Meeting and provided us an opportunity to photograph their Daytona Lark. A work in progress but not much left to do.




Joe and Karel are the 1st new members for the year 2010. Coming from the South Georgia Chapter to Orange Park Florida is quite a change. We welcome them and hope they will bring new ideas to make our Chapter more fun and enjoyable. Joe has already tried his hand at "Grilling" so we know he can cook. We've invited the South Georgia Chapter to join us in May of 2010 at our 1st outing of the new year, St. Augustine, Anastasia State Park. Joe and Karel will make them feel right at home.


We finally got a picture of their 1948 Pickup and it's almost as beautiful as their 1987 Avanti convertible. I'll bet Karel helps polish both of these beauties.


MEMBERS: Brenda and Thomas Spargo

Brenda and Tom have been in the I.P. status (Interested Party) for a number of years. They are proud owners of a 1958 Scotsman wagon. We haven't seen this beauty as yet but I'm sure we will as they have decided to become "Active Members". Tom will be forwarding me a picture of their car for posting. "WELCOME" to our Chapter, we're anxiously waiting to meet you both. Be sure to come to the next "Event" or Meeting.


MEMBERS: Dirlie and Ray Gahafer

Dirlie and Ray recently moved to the Arlington area of Jacksonville and brought with them their recent acquisition, a 1949 Studebaker Coupe. This beautiful car has been seen around town and photographed at local car shows. Ray also works as a DJ at Events and Car Shows. Now he has something cool to drive to exhibitions. We will be looking for a picture of Dirlie and Ray at our next Event but in the meantime, here is their car, aint it a beaut ?

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