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Thursday 3pm found dedicated enthusiasts and Club Members at O'Charley's for our annual Christmas get-to-gether. The following were present: Ken and Carol Lawson, Bob and Trish Edwards, Peter Starr, Joel and Karel Daniel, Pat Schudel, and Jim Orth. Four Studebakers were proudly displayed in O'Charley's parking lot. Studebaker's "Milestone" car, 1950 Bulletnose "Starlight" Coupe didn't make it. It simply didn't want to start. Maybe next Meet in April 2019 at Green Cove Springs Park .

Pat Schudel's 1963 GT Hawk was a first showing for our club. Pat has done a lot of work on bringing this beauty back to life. He has hand crafted the front fenders, is redoing the upholstery to original and restoring the wheel hub caps in detail. Unfortunately on the way home from our Luncheon he experienced an accident. Apparently a wheel from another car or trailer broke free and hit Pat's GT Hawk damaging the Turn signal pot metal mount and breaking the bumper mounting bracket. A little setback for sure. Pat has already contacted his insurance carrier and is hunting a repair shop.

Peter Starr drove his beautiful 1962 Lark Regal Convertible from St. Augustine. Naturally he had the top down but windows up. This has got to be a 95 point car. Upholstery, paint, chrome and engine compartment are show quality. This was the first viewing for our club. We look forward to seeing Peter's "Lark Regal" Convertible at our Green Cove Spring Park Meeting, April 2019. Spring and Summer in Florida are much more fun and enjoyable in a Convertible. Maybe Peter will give us a ride around the Park.

Joel and Karel's "RED" 1988 Avanti Convertible sparkled like a jewel, always a pleasure to see. Joel keeps trying to find something to fix or replace but I think it's DONE. He wins a 1st Place award at almost every show event he enters. Keep driving and showing this beauty, enjoy your efforts. See you two at our Green Cove Springs Meeting. Arrive with the top down and windows up like Peter Starr. See ya.

Bob and Trish's Black 1956 Golden Hawk sparkled in the bright sun. Found a new "glass cleaner" that cleared the swirls after buffing. Check out Bed Bath and Beyond for "Hopes, Perfect Glass Cleaner" Super on Glass too. An "Oil breather and Pipe" were chrome plated and installed to brighten the engine compartment. And, the radio is back, restored and installed. Hated to see the hole in the dashboard while it was out. No one got to hear it, maybe in Green Cove Springs in April 2019.

3:30 found us retiring to the restaurant for drinks, food and lots of conversation. Many repairs and modifications were engineered over the next two hours. One in particular wa Jim Orth's recently acquired 1965 Studebaker Wagoneer. We haven't seen this model in the Jacksonville area in some time. Hopefully Jim will have it on the road in time for our Green Cove Spring Meeting. The cool sliding back roof is an interesting accessory. Parts for this model are very hard to find. If you spot one in a junk yard please let us know. You can call me at 904-724-0457 or E-Mail me at and I'll get the information over to Jim.

I didn't listen in on the Ladies conversation but I did overhear their comments on the food. NO COMPLAINTS. O'Charley's alway has excellent prepared food and serves it HOT. The ladies did mention they wished there would be more members/guests attending. We need the men to bring their wives and\or girl friends more often. Karel, Carol and Trish need more and new conversationalists.

5:30 came fast and we had some members/guests who had a distance to drive so we called it an evening and headed to the parking lot for Goodby's for now and Merry Christmas Greetings. It was getting dark as I saw Peter Starr head off for St. Augustine in his "Lark Regal Convertible" Top down and windows up. It was getting cold too. That's all for now, See you in the spring at Green Cove Spring Park. Bring a Studebaker or Avanti.


Our goal, crank'em up and head'em out to AL's Pizza, S.R. FL. 13, parking lot then cruise to the famous Outback Crab Shack on the river in beautiful Mandarin Florida. This year---NO RAIN ! 10 AM found (4) Studebakers) and (3)Guests Cars representing Jacksonville AACA Club. Wish we had more. Lost two Studebaker vehicles at the start. Milinda & Jeff Vandertoll's 1951 Starlight wouldn't start and Carol & Rick Wyman's 1961 G.T. Hawk--Orange Crush-- vapor locked just out of the driveway and refused to go further. Unfortunately Bob & Francis experienced a death in their family up North and decided not to attend. We wish them well and remember them in a prayer.

A few pictures taken at Al's before heading out to the Outback Crab Shack for our luncheon and the beautiful drive through Mandarin.
Cindy & George Breslin's 1953 Lincoln Carpi Convertible   Greg Esser's 1961 Lark (first showing)  Karel & Joel Daniel,s 1988 Avanti   Carol & Ken Lawson's 1949 PickUp   Trish & Bob Edwards 1956 Golden Hawk   Pat Schudel's PT Cruiser (his Hawk is a work in progress)   Richard Bendetti's 1971 MGB Convertible 10:30 Found us ready for the 26 mile CRUISE to "OUTBACK CRAB SHACK"

At Al's Pizza we had the opportunity to meet members from our local Chapter of AACA. Cindy & George Breslin, Richard Bendetti and LLoyd Hoffman. Cindy and George had purchased their '53 Lincoln Convertible within the last week so this was their first Cruise. Shining chrome, Blue and white trimmed upholstery and convertible top down make this car a real show stopper. George enjoyed providing detailed information on the history and performance specifications of their new love . They both expressed their enjoyment in riding with the top down on a beautiful sunny day in Mandarin Florida countryside.
Richard Bendetti has a number of antique cars but enjoys driving the 1971 MGB, a real treat. Winding roads, country scenery and wind blowing through his hair makes owning this (sports car) a real pleasure. The interior in black leather and engine sporting two SU4 Carbs with chrome covers contribute to the European appearance. 1971 & 1972 were the last years of production to use chrome bumpers and guards before going to black plastic, a real drop in appearance.
Pat Schudel's P.T.Cruiser, a mile-stone design for Chrysler will be a remembered car for some time. The design profile resembles the 1940/1941 Ford coupe which will forever be a favorite in American car history. Unfortunatly, LLoyd Hoffman's Gold, 1969 GTO was hiding behind Greg Esser in the parking lot and can't be seen.

10:30 arrived and "TIME TO CRUISE" to "OUTBACK CRAB SHACK" was heard. Air temperature was 89 degrees with Humidity climbing into the 90% range. Cruising down Florida S.R.13/16 under a canopy of river Oaks covered with Spanish Moss made the ride cooler and enjoyable. The shade was appreciated as most of our older cars didn't have air-conditioning.

Arriving at "OUTBACK CRAB SHACK" around noon. We just beat the crowd and picked a inside table under a multitude of large fans. First clue--NO Air Conditioning. Thirsty travelers ordered drinks and luncheon meals.



Meals were served and everyone dove in. Crab, Scallops, Oyster,and Clams appeared with all the trimmings. Excellent prepared seafood and good drinks were enjoyed by all.


After a sea food stuffing we all retired to the Deck for a group picture. Please note Greg Esser sporting the 39th Annual Florida State Meet "T" shirt.(The War Years) This years State Meet was Hosted by the "Big Bend Chapter" of Crawfordville Florida a Chapter of Studebaker International.

Before someone fell-in we thought it best to escape to the parking lot and call it a "HAPPY DRIVE YOUR STUDEBAKER DAY" event. One last picture before heading out for the cruise home. .



I thought we would arrive early at "Tulsa Welding" park lot but on arrival I found the Browatzki's (Bob and Francis) parked in the shade in their 1963 Daytona Convertible listening to the radio. Thats a 30 mile trip so they certainly got up early.
Shortly Ken and Carol Lawson arrived in their Yellow 1948 Pickup. Followed by Shirley and Roy Hastings in their AIR CONDITIONED Buick. The temperature and Humidity was in the 90's. Yep, it was HOT & Humid. Roy and Shirley certainly enjoyed their Buick.
Larry Bryanton and Peggy arrived in their AIR CONDITIONED JEEP. Larry's Avanti is in the shop for window repair.
Along with our '56 Golden Hawk 5 couples departed for the "Sand Doller" for a seafood Luncheon and Ferry ride back across the St. Johns river. We were met at the restaurant by Chip and Robbie Wilkins and Nick Klepack. Nick was driving Bernie's 1961 Lark 8. Unfortunately Bernie was called away and couldn't attend.
13 HOT and Thirsty Studebaker owners and/or enthusiasts scrambled to get into the restaurant for Air Conditioning and COLD DRINKS. After being seated conversations continued, meals were ordered and all relaxed.

Only a few Pictures taken by our candid camera photographer turned out inside the restaurant. Candid shots are dangerous (no smiles) but once outside we got almost everyone in a photo:


 Bob & Francis talking with Larry and Peggy.  Members enjoying conversations  Shirley and Trish (chipper as usual) & Nick observing.

After our fabulous signature seafood dinners were enjoyed Bob called the Meeting to Order. He first announced that all in attendance had been conscripted (non-military) into the Club with Membership PAID until April of 2017. This is one way to boost the Clubs membership. Ken suggested we begin planning for "Drive Your Studebaker Day" coming up. He mentioned the secnic along the river through Mandarin on SR 13. We tried this last year but got rained out. There are two well know restaurants we can choose to stop at for a luncheon. Ken and I will make plan and advise everyone. Get the Studebakers out of the garage and join us. A vote was taken for the return trip to Jacksonville. Bob & Francis, Larry & Peggy and Bob & Trish voted to return by the St. Johns Ferry a four minute ride over the river. The Meeting was adjourned and all headed for the parking lot.

  Bob & Francis' '63 Daytona Lark       Bob & Trish's '56 G Hawk        Bernie & Nick's '60 Lark 8         Ken & Carol's '48 Pickup

Off to the Ferry and return trip to Jacksonville. This was the first trip by Ferry for Bob and Francis. Trish tried to get them to get out of the car during the LONG 4 minute ride, no luck.


THANKS for attending the 4th of July Special Event. AND< for those that brought a Studebaker vehicle special recognition is given. ATTENDEES and MEMBERS for 2016 are: Robbie & Chip Wilkins, Larry Bryanton and Peggy, Carol & Ken Lawson, Shirley & Roy Hastings, Francis & Bob Browatzki, Bernie & Nick Klepac (Bernie was there in spirit for sure), Trish & Bob Edwards


Anastacia State Park, Annual Picnic, Saturday May 2nd 2015

Saturday morning, bright and early (10AM) 14 Chapter members and one guest descended upon Anastacia State Park for our 12th Annual Picnic. Has it really been that long ? Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of our Banner so I'm using the picture from last year---It was displayed, I promise. Trish, Sandy and Shirley couldn't get to the grill so we relocated to another covered area where the grill was at the other end. Got to please the gals if you want to eat.


It wasn't long before other members started to arrive.
Guest Peter Starr, Lark and Steve James exchanged information on Peter's beautiful 1951 Commander Convertible and their 1999 Avanti AVX. I don't think a trade is in the works.


               Peter Starr's 1951 Studebaker Commander Convertible                   Steve and Lark's 1999 Avanti AVX Convertible.
Peter and his wife sailed into St. Augustine a few years back and enjoyed the area so much they relocated. They tied their boat up by the Bridge of Lions and purchased a home almost directly behind the Alligator Farm. Looks like their here to stay.


The parking lot was cleaned and pylons in place waiting for the arrival of our members "Treasures". Our new embroidered car flags were ready for unfurling and clipping to windows.. Slowly members arrived but not in Avanti or Studebaker cars. 11 Members made the Christmas Dinner but only one couple drove their Studebaker. Trish and Bob ventured to bring their Golden Hawk---it was lonesome in the parking lot. O' Well, maybe the next meeting the Studebaker's and Avanti's will be the choice mode of transportation.

Bob and Trish passed out the new embroidered flags with instructions on how to insert the support wire to hold up the flag while parked with no wind. Flags were given to members Carol & Ken Lawson, Karel & Joel Daniel, Brenda and Tom Spargo, Robbie Walden & Chip Wilkins, and Richard James. The embroidered flags can be washed but not bleached. The design Art Work has been resized and digitized and can also be used for "T Shirts with the Logo placed on front or back. You supply the "T" Shirt, your color choice and Hometown Threads of Jax. located at 13770 Beach Blvd. (phone # 904-646-4004) will do the embroidery at a cost of $35 each.

Once inside we were directed to our favorite dining room (now called "The 70's Room") where we again enjoyed one of O'Charley's famous meals, fantastic drinks (2 for 1) a lot of converstaion and story telling.



After digesting our meal and downing a few fabulous drinks Trish introduced the "THE AWARDS DRAWING." Three Sun Flower gifts were awarded to lucky ticket holders then the BIG prize of the night. The Walking, Waddling, Eye-brow raising PENGUIN went to none other than our most distant member Mr. Richard James. It was hard getting it away from Richard to pass around but he finally gave it up. Next Carol & Ken got a laugh and passed it on to Robbie & Chip. On around the table then back to Richard.Richard promised to share his prize with Mary but on a limited basis.

Chip took the floor and explained he still has a few Studebaker engines (some assembled and some not, but complete) for sale. He also has an open car carrier trailer/hauler ready for the road. If interested Chip can be reached at 904-714 9698. Give him a call, he needs to sell this unit.

Ken Lawson inquired wanting to know who the Chapter Officers are and when membership dues are do.
Last year we voted to extend membership to April of each year. Our Annual Picnic, held mid April will now include Election of Club Officers and renewal of Chapter Membership. Family dues remain the same at $20 yearly.
Larry Bryanton is our current President however he has indicated he will be moving to Georgia and will not be available to hold office again. Chapter Officer listing is posted on the "NEWS" page of our Website. Please consider holding an office position as the Club cannot continue to function without your help. Have an idea ? Volunteer for an office and take charge.

Time to leave before dark. We retired to the parking lot to wish each a Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year.

SEE YOU IN 2015 Those in attendance were: Karel & Joel Daniel, Carol & Ken Lawson, Brenda & Tom Spargo, Robbie Walden & Chip Wilkins, Richard James, Trish & Bob Edwards. THANK YA'll FOR COMING.



Saturday the 27th arrived with promising weather. 5 Chapter members and two Studebaker products made it to the PIG for a short Meeting and lunch. Francis & Bob Browatzki drove their beautiful 1963 Daytona Lark convertible from Middleburg with the top down and enjoyed the summer fresh air. Milder temperatures prevailed, perfect for convertibles. Trish & Bob Edwards carriaged in their trusty '56 Golden Hawk. A hardtop but with 4 windows down it wasn't too hot. . Robbie & Chip Wilkins had to cancel but Chip had a lot of information on parts and cars he has for sale. Brenda & Tom Spargo joined us in a more modern air conditioned vehicle. Tom is working on his 1955 Studebaker sedan. Maybe next meet he will bring it. Chip has a complete auto, ready to drive for sale. Looking for a 1962 GT Hawk ? This may be yours, it's up and running. Give Chip a call for more information: 904-714-9698 or e-mail to . He also has the following for sale; 1963 Daytona Hard Top-no motor or Trans. but both are available. He has 2 289ci Motors-disassembled (complete) and a R3 Cloned Cam and 4 speed Transmission. Lots of other items, too many to list here so give Chip a call. He's got to move these items so the price is right. Luncheon meals started to arrive, LET'S EAT !

Plans for the Car Flags are coming along. 24 Plain white flags, with standard, have arrived. Hometown Threads has relocated to a new location on Beach Blvd. I contacted them and they will proceed with enlarging the Clubs Logo to 10in. X 7.5in. They have the program digitized for Logos on "T" Shirts (3.5in circle and now 10"X7.5" and Hats (3.5"). Once this is completed they will embroider 10 flags. Estimated cost is $30 to $40 each. We will have our own Chapter Flags to proudly display and fly for our next Meet,(Hopefully). I'll forward pictures as soon as the sample (1) is complete.
After eating we retired to the parking lot and looked over Francis & Bob's '63 Daytona Convertible. This car looks better each time we see it. Bob is constantly finding areas he wants to improve. I't will be a 400 point cars for sure before he quits. Bob Trish's '56 Hawk remains the same. New fender mirrors, electric fuel pump and mechanical brakelight switch have yet to be installed. Now the cooler weather is here maybe I can catch up.


Late afternoon and time to go. Sorry more members couldn't make the rescheduled Luncheon, maybe next time. Watch the "NEWS" page for our next Meeting and don't miss the 37th Florida State Meet,October 24-26, 2014 in Clearwater Florida hosted by the Central Florida Chapter of SDC. Call 1-727-536-7275 (NOT the Holiday Inn 800 #) for reservations. Their address is 13625 Icot Blvd, Clearwater, Fl. 33760. Visit the Host Chapter Web site at for more information or call Mr. Larry Good at 1-727-392-2198.


Under threatening sky's 4 Studebaker/Avanti vintage vehicles made it to O'Charley's for our 4th of July Dinner Meeting. Our local but most distant members Francis & Bob Browatzki and Shirly & Roy Hastings decided to stay home and celebrate with a family cookout, rain permitting.
Upon arrival we dressed the cars and Pickup with clip-on and magnetic American Flags. A few horns blew and "Thumbs-Up" were seen by passing cars and customers leaving O'Charley's.


After being seated drinks were ordered and new menu selections scrutinized. Sooooo many new selections. Pictures in the menu looked good enough to eat. After ordering Bob read a letter received from The Studebaker Museum recognizing the Memorial Gift from our Chapter ($100) in Buck Buchanan 's name. The donation will be used by the Museum for educational programs in the local area.

Member Ken Lawson has been collecting back issues of "Turning Wheels" for many years. He now has indexed and cross-referenced articles covering many Studebaker/Avanti vehicles. Need information about your treasure ? Call Ken and he will provide it and if needed will make you a copy. Call Ken at 904-771-3688 or send him an e-mail at: KALPACK42@AOL.COM .
Conversations ended as dinners arrived. The Santa Fe Talipia & Brusetta Chicken & Pasta dinners are out standing. No one complained of any of the meals. Great food and drink at O'Charley's, we can highly recommend it.


One more final in-door picture

Shortly after dinner we retired to the parking lot for a photo-Op. While looking over Joel & Karel's beautiful 1988 Red Avanti convertible someone noticed a carpenters wood screw glistening in the sun light protruding from the sidewall of their right front tire. A vote was taken and "LEAVE IT ALONE" was the decision. Haven't heard from Joel as yet, sure hope he made it home. A few pictures:


Thanks to members; Carol & Ken Lawson, Karel & Joel Daniel, Robbie Waldon & Chip Wilkins, Brenda & Tom Spargo, Bernie & Nick Klepac, Trish & Bob Edwards for attending this Chapter function.


Opening the year once again at Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine Florida (4/5/2014)

Arriving at 9AM to secure two choice picnic tables I found no one in competition. Thought sure I would.
A beautiful start to another "FUN AT THE BEACH" annual picnic..

The ACOF, led by Steve and Lark James gave our Chapter the whole day off. We simply sat back and enjoyed a day of leisure. They (ACOF) brought all the food, drinks and most of the desserts---OUTSTANDING. Only the 1950's music was provided by our Chapter.

On arrival about 10AM Lark and her volunteers immediately started unloading vehicles and setting tables. Steve and his crew started charcoal fires, opened cans of soda and ice chests. Our members simply watched the worker bees. We engaged in conversation, enjoyed visiting the parking lot to view the cars and talked with the owners covering many mechanical problems.

Serving time was projected to be 12Noon and sure enough Steve and his crew were yelling BRATS ARE READY and within 5 minutes of that we heard BURGERS ARE DONE. Immediately lines formed and eating was on.

Thirty-four Avanti-Studebaker enthusiasts enjoy the food and camaraderie under blue skies and a gentle ocean breeze. Pictures prove not an unhappy face was to be seen.





Mid afternoon Steve addressed both clubs and "THANKED his and Lark's busy-bee helpers. Bob did the same expressing Trish and his appreciation for the DAY OFF and extended an invitation for a repeat performance next year. Guess we'll have to wait and see, no commitment was heard ? Great Friends, Food and Weather, what more could you ask for.

Steve and Lark made arrangements for those that wanted to visit the Florida's Agricultural Museum before heading home. This is an excellent display of early Florida living, farming and a General Store as would have been experienced in the late-1800's. Yes' even a Mail Order, Montgomery Ward Co. Catalogue & Buyers' Guide dated 1895. You bet, Studebaker products are displayed.


Early breed of cattle brought to Florida grazing outside the Museum. ACOF members examine an early Coffee Grinder and find a 1895 Catalogue on the counter.


Montgomery Ward & Co. catalogue of 1895 showing Studebaker "Clip-per", Delivery Wagon & Road Cart. Members in General Store and an 1800's Leather Saddle most likely hand made and tooled.

  Great side trip "Thanks Steve".

Members continue tour through the General Store then vist a Belt driven Lumber saw used to cut planks for homes and retail buildings.

10 Outstanding cars in the parking lot drew a lot of attention from Beach go'ers and people driving by. Pictures from the picnic parking lot by Steve:



A fun day for all but rains are predicted for later this afternoon. 4 PM and time to head for home. Join us again next year for another Annual Picnic and get-together.

The Northeast Flordia Studebaker Club gives special "THANKS" and "RECOGNITION" to Steve & Lark James and the Avanti Club of Florida for hosting this event this year. Bye for now



Valentines Day evening found 18 members and guests at Nero's Italian restaurant for celebration and the 1st Chapter Meeting of 2014. Unfortunately it was dark when we arrived so no pictures of the Studebakers and Avanti's were made. I know Bernie and Nick's 1960 Lark 8 and our 1956 Golden Hawk made it but don't know of any others. Chip and Robbie planned on bringing their cool 1966 Commander but discovered the tail lights weren't working so had to leave her home.

7:15/ Social drinks were ordered and conversations erupted. Chip and Gary (our real club mechanics) were introduced and between them and guest Ben Rew I believe at least two cars were resurrected--at least in conversation. At the other end of the long table we covered current events, health care and the latest in fashion. All in all, we solved most of the worlds social and economic problems. (NO, we didn't discuss "Obama Care") Advise for the day was "GET OUT AND VOTE".

After meals were ordered "Door Prizes" were awarded. Joel's ticket was the first drawn winning a "Studebaker Hawk Fender" protector. After much applause and fanfare    the drawings continued. Would you believe Joel's wife Karel won the next prize, a set of chrome valve stem caps.Joel had to inspect these looking for the "S" on the top. I think these will end up on his snazzy 1948 Pickup.

And finally, the Coup de the'aire the "Special Valentines Day" gift. The numbers were called, all checked their tickets carefully. Off in the distance we heard a voice I WON, I WON . Shirley Hastings stood and surrendered her ticket for confirmation, it was a match. Shirley had to agree to display her gift before opening it. She said "YES" and opened the box. Carefully she pulled out a soft furry Gorilla with a Red Rose & Stem in it's mouth. She placed it on the table, squeezed its paw and off it went twisting and gyrating down the table singing "WILD THING, I THINK I LOVE YOU"   Occasionally it would stop and shake its butt, what a riot. Mary and Gary had to pick it up and examine its shaking butt. . It continued to walk the full length of the table singing "WILD THING, I THINK I LOVE YOU"

After an hour and a half dinners started arriving. (Long wait- we were hungry) We were soooooo hungry no complaints were heard. Over all, the food was good but the wait was too long. Almost 9pm and time to leave. An American Beauty Rose was provided for the Ladies and a Heart shaped boxed of chocolates for the guys. Each couple was also given a Valentines Day ballon on the way to the parking lot. Walking to our cars a "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY" was wished to all.

A very brief meeting was held to cover Office Elections and to change the Chapter Dues date. Memberships have been extended to April 2014 and the current Officers will remain in office until our April picnic at Anastasia State Park, St Augustine. Dues will be collected at that time and will cover until April 2015. The new dues date will help as collecting at the annual Christmas Dinner has always been a problem. Now, a few more pictures of our Valentines Day Dinner and guests.


        Shirley&Roy and Trish   Chip&Robbie Mary&Gary  Karel&Joel Mary&Richard   Bernie Carol&Ken             Nick&Bernie  Carol


Guests Chip & Robbie;       Richard & Mary, Trish

Our Chapter's next Meeting will be our Annual Picnic at Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine---across from the Alligator Farm. This will be SATURDAY APRIL 5th. PLEASE DRIVE YOUR STUDEBAKER/AVANTI





Seventeen Members and guests, Rebekah Sparapani and son Michael enjoyed dinner at Woody's BBQ restaurant located in the Magnolia Layne Shopping Center, Green Cove Springs Fl.

Rick Wyman (event organizer)welcomed us in the parking lot and directed parking. Unfortunately only 2 Studebaker vehicles made the trip to Woody's. Bob's wife Francis was ill at home with the flu. They never leave their treasure, a 1963 Daytona Lark Convertible home alone. We missed Francis and pray she has a speedy recovery. Hopefully Bob is protected as he got his Flu shot early.
We also missed new members Gary & Mary McLain and Charter Member Janelle Hinton both of Callahan, Fl. I'll check on them this week and make certain all is well.

Do to the scheduled "Stroll-in-the-Park" to view the Christmas decorations and the 180 decorated Christmas trees, we ordered our meals almost on arrival. Rick gave the invocation and then we introduced our guests, Mrs. Rebekah Sparapani and her son Michael, Rick's daughter and grandson. Later, Michael was elected to draw the door prize tickets. The 1st Prize went to Carol Lawson . We ask Carol to sing along with the Christmas Reindeer singing "Grandma got run over by a Reindeer" but she declined. Holding the floppy eared, gyrating reindeer up so all could see was a task, Ken had to help.
The second ticket drawn belonged to Michael's mother Rebekah. Michael had to unwrap the gift, a singing, flipper waving, eyebrow jumping Penguin. . Singing tootie-fruitie was just a little to much before Michael's time----he's only 4 1/2. Reluctantly Rebekah decided to let Michael keep the Penguin.

A few pictures of those that attended Christmas Dinner at Woody's BBQ and enjoyed the meal and festivities.


Meals started to arrive and time to go to the Park was getting closer. We didn't take time for Chapter Office Elections or the usual 50/50. Membership dues will be requested by e-mail so please remit the usual $20 for your family. Karel & Joel Daniel came prepared and rejoined the Chapter this year. We're starting off the new year with 3 Families already paid for 2014. The financial report was not given however, the Chapter is in good financial shape, next years picnics are covered. Past President Joel Daniels efforts in managing the combined State/Zone Meet of 2012 provided funds for the next years activities. Great job for sure !. After dinner Rick & Carol led us to downtown Green Cove Springs Christmas-in-the-Park display. So many beautifully decorated trees----I'll picture just a few of the 180 in total.

Rick leads the way

Those that attended were: Carol & Rick Wyman, Bob Browatzki (Francis was home sick with the Flu) Bernie [our Events Planner] and husband Nick Klepac, Carol & Ken Lawson, Rebekah Sparapani and her son Michael, Karel & Joel Daniel, Shirley & Roy Hastings, Brenda and Tom Spargo [our V.Pres.} and Trish & Bob Edwards.




HELLO ! from the beautiful Spring  at Green Cove Springs, Florida.

Water temperature is 78 degrees year around so come and jump in.

Early Saturday morning 16 members of our Chapter met at Green Cove Springs Park to welcome the arrival of "FALL" and two Chapter couples celebrating anniversaries. Your Chapter's "Events Planner" Bernie Klepac and husband Nick 28 years, and Trish and Bob Edwards their 22 year. A dozen American Roses were delivered for Trish at 11AM. What a surprise, he remembered.
It wasn't long before Trish, Brenda, both Carol's, Mary, Shirley, Francis and Bernie had the table set . Bob cranked up the CD Player and 1950's/60's music filled the air. Elvis, Fats Domino and Little Richard are still appreciated.
Conversations could be heard between Gary, Roy and Ken covering engine performance and Studebaker styling. Roy's 1955 President, a 289 V8, is up for sale. An engine rebuild 3800mi. back insures this one will be around for some time to come. Gary and Nick are still working on their Avanti's but promising to finish soon. Ken's '49 Pickup (Yellow) is really coming along, looks SUPER. Proving to be trusty and a great eye catcher. The show stopper is Bob and Francis's 1963 Lark, Daytona Convertible. This car is schedule to be featured in a near future issue of Turning Wheels. Bob and Francis are the proud owners. Bernie and Nick completed the brake restoration on Bernie's Lark 8 and are once again enjoying "Thumbs Up" while on the road again.

Before lunch we were treated to a tour of a Bed & Breakfast by the owner, a friend of Ken and Carol Lawson. A real treat, be sure to visit this B&B for a weekend stay. The B&B is "THE RIVER PARK INN" and was built in the 1880's. The owners and operaters are Dale Garlinghouse and his wife. Be sure to mention our Chapter when visiting they would love to hear from you.
After lunch we were given a narrated tour of the Park by member Rick Wyman(local historian) who lives close by. His favorite spot is the "Spring" and "Pool" where he swam as a teenager. This is thought to be the Spring-of-Youth that Ponce De Leon was looking for. We all tasted the water and could tell in a minute--it didn't work. RATS ! Maybe Ponce is still looking. Okay, how about some pictures of the happy attendees before announcing the 50/50 Winner ?




                    Carol and Rick                      Bernie and Nick                       Bob and Francis                          Carol and Ken


                   Shirley and Roy             Members interrupted--SMILE             Brenda and Tom            Brenda and Trish grilling more.

Rick leads the way on our History Walk . Most stopped to admire Bob and Frances' Lark Convertible.  On to the bridge   First on the Bridge, new members Gary and Mary McLain  Trish captured this picture as we all crossed  

After our Nature Walk we returned to the picnic area and held the famous 50/50  The GRAND PRIZE went to: Chef TRISH  a whole $23 Hurray !

AND NOW, for the TREASURES of the Club     

T H A T S   A L L   F O L K S   See ya here next year



On arrival after the 85 mile jaunt to St. Simons Island GA.we were greeted by our resident members Mike and Sandy Fitzgearld and Hazlehurst GA. Chapter President Neil Thornton frantically waving directing us to parking places on the Village Square.

Mike and Sandy brought two Studebaker products for the "Drive Your Studebaker" display.
Their 1987 Avanti and their 1962 GT Hawk . This made four Studebakers from our Chapter to make the drive and celebrate the day. Two more are in the auto-hospital being re-shoed.(maybe next year)

After parking we socialized with Chapter members and visitors about 2 hours and headed for "BROGAN'S" one of the more famous local restaurants for their scrumptious Bacon-CheeseBurgers and Sweet Potato Fries. "O U T S T A N D I N G !"

A great number of locals stopped and admired both Studebaker, Avanti & Francis & Bob's 1962 Studebaker LARK which was just out of restoration. .Bob and Francis spent most of the afternoon showing off their pride and joy. All most new again after 51 years. She's sporting new paint, upholstery, chrome trim and complete engine rebuild. Congratulations to you both and "Special Thanks" for making the trip on your first outing.

Mike and Sandy our resident members of St. Simon Island brought two cars and have another, a 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk completing a frame off restoration which I'm certain we will see next year. Mike just got the engine back from a complete rebuild and is ready to put it in. The body has been suspended from the ceiling in his garage for almost a year This car will be the pride and joy of his collection.

A few pictures of our gracious Host Chapter and their cars before the afternoon rains started



              Trish with Pugs "Ross and Lily"                     Sandy Fitzgerald (center) with "Watson" on leash.

The rains arrived on schedule shortly after 3pm. Most headed for cover in local restaurants & shops or headed home. Between cloud bursts we decided the 85 mile drive home might be better in rain rather than dark so we packed up and headed for Jacksonville.

I want to recognize our members for making this trip, especially our newest members Mary & Gary McLain of Callahan. Their Avanti is in process of restoration so they had to drive a BIG truck. I'm sure by next year they will be driving one of their Studebakers. Also, Mary & Bob Browatzki from Middleburg. This was a virgin trip for their '62 Lark Convertible after restoration. We "Thank" Sandy & Mike Fitzgerald and Watson their trusty dog for greeting us on arrival and getting us parked. Of course Trish & Bob Edwards with Pugs Lily and Ross made it with the '56 G. Hawk.

Again we want to thank President Neil Thornton and the South Georgia Chapter for the invitation and hospitality. We look forward to joining you again next year at beautiful St. Simons Island.

Be certain to visit St. Simons Island. The drive over the Intra Coastal Waterway suspension bridge and Kings Highway to the Village Square is spectacular. An excellent way to spend a weekend enjoying the Park, Shops and Restaurants.



YES ! We were appreciated at Wyndam Lakes retirement community. 2 Avanti's, 1 Pickup and 1 Golden Hawk joined 9 other Classic and Modern cars to please the residents of this facility. A DJ played Rock & Roll tunes from the '50's while some of the more ambulatory residents danced and swayed to many Elvis hits.
A rare 1971 Toyota "Crown" drew lots of attention a long with an early '70's Buick Sky Lark, '57 Chevy 2 door sedan, 1960's Corvette, and others not identified.


After answering many questions by residents about our Avanti's, Golden Hawk and Studebaker Pickup we joined the line for hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Cole Slaw and soda's all compliments of Wyndam Lakes management. Manager Max Stein and his staff grilled Hot Dogs and Hamburgers for nearly 125 residents and guests. Super Job guys, THANK YOU !

Following lunch, while Joel watched over our cars and answered many questions Steve James, Ken Lawson, Trish & Bob visited member Roy Hastings, recovering from hip replacement at SouthLake Nursing & Rehab. facility next door. Roy is doing fine and is expected to be released this next Saturday Aug 24th for home therapy.
Returning to Wyndham we found Joel asleep and the Cook Out had ended. Most residents had returned to their quarters but a few were still taking pictures.


It was our pleasure to treat Wyndham Residents with viewing cars and trucks they most likely drove and enjoyed in their younger years. Given the opportunity next year I'm certain we will visit again and maybe with a few more members and cars.
Chapter members and guest that attended with their "Studebaker Treasures" were, Ken Lawson with his 1956 Champ Pickup, Steve James with his 2006 Avanti convertible, Joel Daniel with his 1988 Avanti convertible and Trish & Bob Edwards with their 1956 Golden Hawk.



3:45 pm and the parking lot at NERO'S became a Car Wash ! A cloud burst followed by 20 to 40 MPH winds removed garage or road dust from our Hawk. Tom and Brenda arrived just as the deluge ended. By 5:10 we all ran for the side door entrance only to find it wasn't unlocked yet. We made it to the front door and entered a little wet but not soaked.
Once inside we were greeted by the Manager and directed to a prepared seating for 14. Unfortunately after a 45 minute wait only 7 members braved the weather.
The Meeting opened with the introduction of new member, Mr. Gary Mclain of Callahan, Florida.


Gary is restoring a 1963, Avanti R2 and plans on having it ready for Turkey Run at Daytona this fall. Gary has finished a number of cars and maintains a mechanics work shop/garage at his home. After retiring he decided to devote his time to restorations of his favorite cars, motorcycles and even go-carts. Gary rode Motor-Cross many years and still rides his motorcycle for enjoyment and relaxation. His vast knowledge of mechanics will make him a valuable asset to our club. Between he and Roy Hastings we'll have a strong technical base.
After much story telling our meals were served. Eggplant Parmesan, Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti w/meatballs and Shrimp&Scallop rosato, MANGIA(let's eat). Quite fell over the table as we devoured the outstanding meals.


After dining Tom addressed the membership with plans to caravan to Turkey Run this fall. He would like to see more Studebaker/Avanti's from our Chapter at the Thanksgiving Day event at Daytona Race Track. E-mails requesting sign-up will be sent as the Holiday approaches. The plan would be to meet at say, McDonalds across from the Race Track on Hwy. 17, and convoy together. Would be fun, count on attending.
Tom also addressed the Florida State Meet coming up November 1-3, in Port St. Lucie Fl. Florida's "SunSnine Chapter" is hosting this year. Reservations can be made at the Holiday Inn, Port St. Lucie, call 1-800-459-5044. Our Chapter voted to support their effort with a $100 donation now, let's go and support the State Meet.
Drive Your STUDEBAKER/AVANTI DAY is September 14th 2013. This is considered an International Event. Let me know what and where your drove your treasure and I'll publish it.
2 1/2 hours later the Meeting was adjourned and we retired to the (now dry)parking lot. Only 2 Studebakers were proudly "On Display". Trish and Bob's 1956 Golden Hawk and Brenda and Tom's newly acquired 1955 President sedan.



Welcome to our Annual Picnic at Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine, Florida 2013.

If you weren't here you missed another outstanding rain free Annual Picnic. Starting way back in 2004 we have met every spring to start off another year of sharing and enjoying our hobby of owning and driving a Studebaker/Avanti product of days gone by. Twelve members and one guest of the Avanti Club of Florida (ACOF) and 14 members of the Northeast Florida Studebaker Club, a Chapter of Studebaker International met under the threat of violent thunderstorms, and braved the weather to enjoy the facilities of Anastasia State Park for another super picnic.
Arriving at 10AM "on target" we found only two picnic areas unoccupied. It seems others have found this beautiful ocean front state park. Striking up the fire Tom & Brenda Spargo immediately began unloading Trish's SUV and setting tables for 27 guests. By 11:30 most had arrived and the parking lot once again turned into a show place of Avanti's, Studebaker Hawks and even a Lark. Beach goer's and picnicer's gave their approval taking pictures and modeling next to the cars. Most under 40 exclaimed "Who made these unusual cars" Are they foreign ? Many pictures were taken of the convertibles with couples in bathing suits modeling. Some ask if they could sit behind the wheel.


Calls were heard from Brenda, Shirley, Tom and Lark. THEIR "HOT", COME AND GET 'EM. The menu of German potato salad (by Bernie & Nick) and Sweet potato salad (by Lark & Steve) were high on the favorite list. Baked beans w/brown sugar(by Shirley & Roy) and three styles of Cole Slaw left little room for All Beef Hot Dogs and Hamburgers on Onion Rolls. Even a delicacy of "Venison on wheat crackers" brought by Sandy & Mike seemed to disappear quickly. Deviled eggs, Chocolate chip cookies, Crumb Cake and Red Velvet Bites topped off the desserts.
After the meal Honary member Janelle Hinton and Bob Edwards opened the raffle drawing awarding the 1st attendance gift, a High Intensity rubber flashlight to Roy Hastings. Other winners were, Steve James, winning a Battery charger/maintenance unit, Larry Bryanton a key chain tire pressure gauge, Delores Habermeal, a Battery charger/maintenance unit and Janelle Hinton and Richard Langdon, key chain tire pressure gauges. Ghost tickets kept appearing and their numbers were announced but they (thankfully) didn't respond. Weird to say the least.
After the drawing Vice President Tom Spargo addressed everyone. Tom provided information concerning a publication, available at most car show events called Mike Kelly's Cruise News. This magazine is filled with information concerning car club meeting, locations and other activities. He recommended visiting their Website for information of happenings in your area. Tom also proposed members of our club consider meeting for breakfast at least once a month. This would not be a Club Meeting, just a get-to-gether to enjoy conversation etc.
Nearing 3 PM we started to "break-camp" as thunder storms were on the horizon. Bob "Thanked" everyone for coming and extended an invitation to ACOF join us again next year.
Special Recognition and an even bigger"THANK YOU" to our Events Chairperson, Bernie Klepac and Shirley Hastings, Brenda Spargo, Janelle Hinton and Chef's Trish Edwards and Tom Spargo for their help in making this another success. A couple of pictures of the two clubs enjoying the day at the park:

  . More pictures coming.

Almost forgot, Lark James won the BIG 50/50, $11 take-home-winnings.


Pictures provided by our "Events Planner" Bernie Klepac.


    Nick hung Chapter Banner            Nick, Trish, Bob, & Shirley               Chef Trish                             Hungry members load plates.


     Members enjoy digging in            Shirley & Roy listen to Steve      Tom addresses ACOF members    Karen & Tom listening to Steve.


       First ACOF Winners             Mike, Sandy & Mr. Watson       Steve, Bob & Tom check winning ticket   Janelle calls another winner!


Janelle calls out the winners and Bob presents awards.           Even Larry finally won, a tire pressure gage/key ring. Keep 'em up Larry.
Our hard working V.P. Tom and his wife Brenda finally get to eat.. We even had enough for our little canine friends Lily and Ross. Watson was treated by Mike and Sandy earlier. .
Well, that's about it for now. All had a good time and enjoyed the company and cars. Maybe next year we'll have more cars without the promise of rain. Avanti's and Studebaker's should never be left in the rain--they WILL melt.
Again, THANK YOU FOR COMING.Your support by your attendance and participation is greatly appreciated. Have a safe (DRY) trip home and we'll see ya'll next year.




All arrived between 6 & 6:30 pm to find parking a major task BUT then again, it's VALENTINES DAY !

Members Ben Rew & date Debbie were persistant and found the perfect spot for their 1963 Lark, Sky Top.

Trish and I arrived early and started setting tables with decorative boxes of chocolates. Shirley and Roy arrived within minutes to help. By 6:30 all were seated. Unexpected but welcome were Marie and Tom Johnson and Ben Rew and date Debbie. Much to our surprise and pleasure we got to see Nick Klepac once again with wife Bernie. (Welcome back Nick). They also brought Bernie's Father as their guest.
After liquid refreshments were ordered we opened the celebration by recognizing members who drove their Studebaker/Avanti collector cars. Unfortunately there were only 3 brave enough. Bernie and Nick arrived in their 1960 Lark 8, Ben and Debbie drove Ben's 1963 Lark, Sky Top and Bob and Trish came in their 1956 Golden Hawk. The "Special Recognition Drawing" was held with Bernie and Nick having the winning number. Their choice of a front license plate from Studebaker International, STUDEBAKER or AVANTI. Bernie made the choice thinking of her 1960 Lark 8 thats a work in progress. We'll get to see it again soon, maybe at the April or May annual picnic. 

After our orders were placed attendance drawings were started. Richard and Mary James started off winning a set of valve cap covers for one of their many cars. Shirley and Roy Hastings won a set of pens with Studebaker models molded into the case. (Couldn't get them to write) Ben and Debbie won their choice of a lapel gold pin, either Avanti or Studebaker.
The grand prize of the day a stuffed mechanical-singing Monkey holding a red rose was won by Rosemarie Johnson.

.   Dinners started to arrive and "Brook" our waitress is carrying them stacked on her arms. Got to go.

After dining the Meeting was called to order. Old business was restricted to Membership dues, Member participation in activities and open Chapter Offices. Bob announced that unfortunately he cannot fill all Office positions and ask for help. If we cannot fill these offices no further Events will be scheduled for 2013. Currently we have 6 paid memberships (= 12 members) and we should have 13 or 14 (24 members). We do have a President for 2013, Mr. Larry Bryanton who is also our Treasurer. Larry has held the Treasurer's Office since our club was Chartered, July 27th, 1999. The question was ask, do we have a candidate for Vice President ? Tom Spargo offered his service if approved. Immediately 15 hands were raised and Tom was elected. "Thanks Tom". Do we have an "EVENT'S PLANNER" out there ? Without hesitation, Bernie ask to be nominated. Again, 15 hands shot into the air and she was accepted. Bernie has held this office before and knows it requires a lot of work so we ALL have to help her. Coming to the EVENTS and helping her set up is essential. She may also ask your help in shopping for picnic items---thats the fun part. The Membership Chairperson Office came up next. Not a lot of fun asking for club dues but sombody has to do it to be fair to those that submit their dues annually. Trish Edwards volunteered to be nominated and was immediately accepted. We know Trish will be pestering you at least three times via E-Mail, after that she will consider you are no longer interested in being a member and those will be dropped as an active member and purged from the activities announcement e-mail list. We value each member but only if they value the Chapter by paying dues and attending Chapter functions. Meetings and picnics are more fun when more are in attendance. Bob Edwards volunteered to continue as Assistant Treasurer and Website Administrator. Bob would like to train someone to take over the Website, it's fun and challenging. Ask Bob if your interested.
After elections all engaged in wishing each a "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY". Trish and Shirley presented each wife and/or girlfriend with an American Beauty rose and a hug and kiss to the husbands. Yes, we even found a rose for our waitress Brook who diligently and efficiently served our every request.
A BIG, "THANK YOU" to those that attended and we hope to see you at our next Chapter Meeting at the annual picnic, Anastasia State Park late April or early May. Be sure to check your Chapter's Website for date and time. A few pictures of members who attended:


    Debbie, Bob, Trish offers a toast and Shirley.            Our Party and guests.                Roy given a standing ovation.


             "Brook" taking Tom & Rosemarie's order.           Roses for the Ladies              Tom Spargo. In back ground, Bernie &                                                                                                                         Nick with Bernies Father, Mr. Jerry Townsend.


                       Members enjoying conversation     Bob capturing party by Ben Rew      Mary and Richard James, Ohio Members.

Ben Rew furnished many photo's for this event using his new expensive I-Pad. He and Debbie gave it a real workout. Thanks Guys. That's all for now. See you and more members at our Anastasia State Park Annual Picnic. Be sure to check the "NEWS" page for Date and Time. Late April or early May.



18 Members attended our 5th Christmas Dinner Meeting at O'Charley's fine food restaurant at Regency. Managers David and Jackie set cones in the parking lot anticipating the arrival of our Studebaker and Avanti auto's. Unfortunately only 3 members arrived in their (milestone)classic cars. Rain showers were forecast and may have contributed to the low turnout.

Once inside, we found a table setting for all with Steve,  our favorite waiter ready to serve Christmas cheer (drinks) and dinner. We found out later that this will be Steve's last year at O'Charley's. He is moving up and on to a consulting position.

Opening the Meeting, President Joel Daniel called upon Larry Bryanton to offer the Invocation. Afterwards, a brief moment was taken to recognize those volunteers who helped to make the first ever combined Florida State & Southeast Zone Meet, October, 2012 a success.
We have received many complimentary e-mails on a Meet well organized and executed from both Studebaker International Officer Mr. Edward Burris and Studebaker Chapter Presidents who attended.

The Hospitality Room was superbly staffed  by members Shirley Hastings, Karel Daniel, Carol Lawson, Sue Raber and Trish Edwards. Veggie plates, Meat Balls in Hawaiian sauce and many choices of desserts were provided. Certainly, no one went hungry.  . Our neighboring Chapter of Georgia also brought desserts---none were left to be taken back.

Registration opened Friday afternoon and again Saturday morning until 11am.  Tom Spargo and Bob Edwards recorded 81 registrants, 41 Cars and Pickups for Judging and 18 Cars and Pickups for display. (Pictured is Edward Burris with canine companion.) Compliments were received for the organization and efficiency at Registration by Steven Cade and Frank Ambrogio who have organized and hosted many Studebaker State Meets. Coming from these two experts this was appreciated.

Judging of 41 beautiful Studebaker cars, Pickups and Avanti's by members Ken Lawson and Herb Hilderbrand received complimentary comments from many of the car owners as well. All seemed pleased with their individual inspection scores.

The Awards Banquet Master of Ceremonies member Greg Esser  a first year member, did an outstanding job. Announcing previously unknown guest speakers and identifying visiting Officers from Studebaker International, for recognition, was a real challenge. This was especially hard without a public address system and an over crowded room. Overflow of nearly 30 guests had to be reached in an outside dining area. Somehow our unexpected dinner guest list rose to 120 from an expected 110. Our compliments go to Greg for taking on this task and doing an outstanding job.

Next on our Christmas Dinner Meeting agenda was recognizing new members Mr. Howard "Gib" and Mrs. Melanie Gibson. . "Gib" and Melanie arrived in their 1950 Champion Starlite Coupe.  They drove all the way from Middleburg for this Event. This is the first time we have met Gib and Melanie and seen their '50 Champion Starlite Coupe. We look forward to their attending our picnic meetings in 2013.

Next on the agenda was the election of Chapter Officers to lead us through 2013. With exception of Treasurer (this office has been held by Larry Bryanton since '99) all offices need to be filled. Volunteers for Chapter President, Vice President, Secretary, Events Planner and Membership Chairperson were solicited with no one offering to fill a position.

Larry Bryanton, Treasurer since the Chapters beginning, offered to continue as Treasurer and take on another office to help the club. Outstanding, here is a member who owns and operates his own business and yet finds time to volunteer to serve two offices in our Chapter.
A question was ask by Tom Spargo (first year member) as to what are the responsibilities of each office, a fair question. By Valentine's Day, February, 14th, 2013 a brief description of office requirements will be generated and distributed via e-mail.

We will enter 2013 with no offices being filled with the exception of Treasurer. No one individual can or should manage a Chapter by him or her self. Without committee leadership this Chapter will cease to exist. If you want a Chapter, consider holding office.

We are currently in very good financial standing, thanks to the leadership of our 2012 Officer's and those members that helped in making the State/Zone Meet a success. Our current Officers have not indicated a desire to be retained in office. They worked too hard with the State/Zone Meet and apparently need a rest.

               Should we allow this Chapter to dissolve all funds will be donated to the Studebaker National Museum.

Again, your Chapter needs your help. If interested, please contact me via e-mail or call 904-724-0457.



Meet members  Richard & Mary James      Bob & Francis Browatzki         Janelle Hinton                   Larry Bryanton.


                     Shirley & Roy Hastings            Carol & Ken Lawson         Tom & Brenda Spargo          Karel & Joel Daniel


                                 New Members: Howard "GIG" & Melaine Gibson                 Trish & Bob Edwards

           That's about it folks.        All wished each other a "Happy & Merry Christmas" and headed for the parking lot and home.

See ya'll next year !



15 members made it to our "President's Meeting" Wednesday June 20. One member (unnamed) showed up Thursday, waited a half hour and then was told, "Studebaker Meeting ?, Oh' that was yesterday" See, all those invitation e-mails and still one member went astray. O'well better luck next time.
President Joel Daniel opened the meeting with an update covering preparations completed for the State/Zone Meet in October. He assured us plans are "On Schedule" and that he alone is the "problem solver" should a problem arise. Then he ask for help and suggestions for operating the hospitality room and auction. He would appreciate any help and suggestions to make this event fun and entertaining for all.
After his plea for help he then called upon our Secretary, Herb Hilderbrand to give a status report on Trophy awards. Herb has done an outstanding job. All Trophies are done and even came in under projected cost. Herb brought samples of 1st Place, 2nd Place and Peoples Choice and passed them around the table for all to see and hold. They were accepted with applause. Our Dash Plaques are his next project and you can bet he will do and outstanding job on those too. "Thanks Herb"

Opps ! Time to order, enjoy a drink and then eat.


After devouring another meal of Jacksonville's famous Beach Road Chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed peas, and rice with gravy (all you can eat) it was time for door prize drawings. Member Tom Spargo brought a special gift set of products by La Source for women consisting of Shampoo, Body lotion, Body wash & Conditioner and for the man an Avon bottle, 1951 Bulletnose Starlight Studebaker. Unfortunately, Tom had used all the cologne but the bottle makes a perfect dust collector on the mantel. "Thanks Tom"

First, recognition to those that drove a Studebaker/Avanti was given by holding a special drawing. The winner, Bob Browatzki with his '63 Lark, Daytona Convertible. Bob was to receive the undulating Solar Hula Girl for his dashboard but thought he might get in trouble driving or with Fran his wife so he chose the leaf waving Solar Sunflower instead.  (Safe choice Bob). Other door prizes (LED Flashlights) were won by Cindy Hilderbrand and Ken Lawson. Trish Edwards was the lucky winner of Tom Spargo's donated gift set. Of course, Bob got the '51 Studebaker Avon bottle and President Joel Daniel won the "Hula Girl" so watch out for that careening red Avanti.

Shortly after the drawings we retired to the parking lot to admire the Studebaker and Avanti lineup. Three or four patrons of Beach Road Chicken had phone cameras and were busy snapping photo's. Maybe we'll make the headlines somewhere.



The Meeting ajourned around 7 pm and all headed home. Thankfully, no rain.
A BIG THANK YOU to those that attended this Meeting and especially to those that drove a Studebaker product even though there was a treat of heavy rain.
More pictures of Happy "Chicken" eaters next.

Those attending our special "Presidents Meeting" were: Carol & V.P.Ken Lawson,
 Karel & President Joel Daniel    Shirley & Roy Hastings 
 Cindy & Herb Hilderbrand 
 Bernie Klepac  Francis & Bob Browatzki 
Tom Spargo  Trish & Bob Edwards 




Violent storms on the horizon and predictions of heavy rain and possible golf ball size hail almost cancelled this annual event. The ACOF, organized and lead by Steve James decided to take a chance and drove their treasured Avanti's while only a few of the more delicate and less water repellent Studebakers ventured out. All in all, the plan went off without a drop of water dampening our roof tops or putting out the charcoal fueled fires.
Usually, our Chef's are late and serving is an hour behind schedule. With storm warnings up we hurried and actually had the fires going, tables set, drinks-on-ice, and Burgers and Hot Dogs grilled and ready to eat at 12 Noon the scheduled time. WOW ! That's a first. I didn't mention the Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Potato Salads and more, prepared by our wives and dates, were outstanding as always. Desserts ! You should ask; Cookies, Grapes, Carrot Cake, Brownies and Pies. And, don't forget the Potato Chips, both BBQ and Garlic/Onion flavored. If I've forgotten anything I'll come back and add it later.
Before the DINNER BELL was rung a visit to the parking lot was in order. Let's see a few of the vintage cars that brought members.




NOTES by Secretary Herb Hilderbrand.

 President Joel Daniel called for a short business meeting at 1:08. First on his agenda was the Name Tag program. Joel would like to have all Chapter members have common name tags for the State/Zone Meet coming up. Name tags are available for $3.50 each or buy one at $7.50 and get a second free. DUH ! What did he say ?. Joel and Karel passed out name tags previously ordered---very nice was the comment heard. Cindy collected $18 for additional name tags.(will provide picture later)
Joel will be having a meeting at his home soon to sort out and put together the ditty bags for the upcoming Fl. State/S.E. Zone Meet October 19-20. He will be looking at "T" Shirts this week.
To date, 3 Chapters have forwarded "Seed" money to help fund our Meet. They are, the Orlando Fl. Area Chapter, Big Bend Fl. Chapter and South Georgia Chapter. A total of $350 was received.
Joel discussed the Judging of cars. Judging will be one at a time under the hotel canopy. There will be 14 categories with a 1st and 2nd place Trophy given out for each category. Joel is open to all suggestions as to how to put the Meet together. He refers to himself as "The Problem Solver" but would appreciate your input.
Vendor spots will be available and an auction is planned. Remember to save "garage sale items" of all sorts for the auction. There may even be some Studebaker parts auctioned off.

Our Treasurer, Larry Bryanton was called upon to give the financial report.

"We're on solid ground and look forward to a successful combined Fl.State & S.E.Zone Meet. The cost of the picnic was greatly reduced by Pres. Joel Daniel, who donated the Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and the ACOF & Guests who paid for their meals as well as bringing covered dishes."

Following Larry's report V.P. Ken Lawson called the winning numbers for the Door Prize. Cindy Hilderbrand won a beautiful ceramic replica of a post war pickup--see picture. P.S. I'm pretty sure it was an "Orphan" model.

Now for a few pictures of those brave attendees;






Well, thats about it for this years Annual Picnic Event. We want to "THANK" those that attended, especially under the threat of Rain and Hail. The ACOF members drove a great distance and their attendance is alway greatly appreciated. Renewing our acquaintance each year is always fun and enjoyable. We look forward to having them join us again next year for another successful picnic. Consider this an "OPEN INVITATION".

Attended: Carol & Ken Lawson, Karel & Joel Daniel, Fran & Bob Browatzki, Cindy & Herb Hilderbrand, Shirley & Roy Hastings, Ben Rew and date Debbie, Cheryl & Carl Doughty, Dolores & Norm Habermehl, Sue & Don Baker, Lark & Steve James, Larry Bryanton, Janelle Hinton, Richard James, Karen & Tom Pinnel, Dottie & Mike Chernago, Cssiah, Patrick & Russell Hilderbrand, Lisa, Steve & Nicholas Depriest, Trish & Bob Edwards with Pugs, Lily and Ross.



Clark's Fish Camp, Mandarin, Florida was the scene of our Valentines Day celebration and first Chapter Meeting of the year. 22 Members and Guests enjoyed seafood dinners and drinks before the Meeting began. For those not familiar with Clark's Fish Camp it is a real treat. Not only is the food excellent but the atmosphere is out of this world. It's more like dining in Africa. One of the largest taxidermist collections in the southeast is displayed along with a live 5 foot florida alligator that greets you at the door. Even a Giraffe looms over the alligator tank while a 10 foot Alaskan Kodiak Bear stands guard. Many, many smaller animals are there to watch you dine. Be sure to take your camera. After the initial shock, President Joel Daniel called the Meeting to order and presented the finished flyer announcing the date and plans for the combined 35th Florida State Studebaker and 44th Southeast Zone Meets, October 19-20, 2012. As part of the planned activities Joel has made arrangements for guests who choose to enjoy a Casino/Dinner Cruise, leaving Mayport, Friday night. Transportation to and from the cruise ship to the Host Hotel will be furnished. A voucher for a meal and drink will be given to those that board the Cruise Ship at a cost of $30 per person. 40 people are required to attend for this special rate. Be certain to indicate you would like to go on this Casino/Dinner Cruise when filling out your Registration Form. NOTE INFORMATION at the bottom of the form.

Valentines Day door prizes were won by 5 members with the GRAND PRIZE going to new members Kaytee and Greg Esser.(pictured) Kaytee and Greg recently moved to Jacksonville from Houston Texas and brought their 1961 Lark VI with them. Greg is in the process of restoring this jewel and hopes to have it ready for show at the coming Florida State & Southeastern Zone Meet. We look forward to the unveiling. WELCOME TO OUR CHAPTER

A few pictures of members who attended and made this Meeting another success


            President Joel Daniel & Wife Carol      Roy & Shirley Hastings & Trish Edwards      Ohio Buckeye member Richard James


          Kaytee Esser, Karel Lawson & Cindy Hilderbrand   Jeff & Milinda Vandertoll                Guests   Kim & Jim


                       Ken Lawson and Greg Esser                Carol and Rick Wyman                     Bob and Frances Browatzki


                              Ed and Sue Raber                 Janelle Hinton and Larry Bryanton       Larry, Ken, Greg & Kaytee, Cindy & Roy.

At the close of the Meeting a Rose was presented to the lovely womem who attended. Chocolate candies in Red Heart shaped boxes for the men, were forgotten and left at home in our refrigerator. Hopefully (if not eaten) these will be presented to the men at the Annual Picnic, St. Augustine, Anastasia State Park, Saturday, April 21st. Be sure to attend, somebody has to eat them !

A few Studebaker/Avanti vehicles were found in the parking lot at Clark's:


                 Ed & Sue's '64 Pursuit Cruiser               Jeff & Milinda's '51 Starlight Coupe             Bob & Trish's '56 Golden Hawk


                            Larry's '87 Avanti                              Janelle's 2004 Avanti                       Roy & Shirley's '55 President

Be sure to visit Website to view their interior and menu.


Annual Christmas Dinner Meeting at O'Charley's, Saturday, 12/3/2011


Arriving at 3:45, 3 lonely Studebakers adorned O'Charley's parking lot. Camera at the ready, two more arrived. Within 15 minutes 9 beautiful Avanti's and Studebaker's shared admiring cheers and comments from onlookers. "Who makes them ? Are those foreign cars ?. Of course those asking were under 35 or didn't remember their "Dad's" favorite or the family car.

Inside, President Herb and wife Cindy were busy seating arrivals. By 4:20 most were present and Herb called the Meeting to order. First on the agenda was to recognize members Brenda and Tom Spargo. Unfortunately they couldn't drive their 1958 Scotsman Station Wagon but it was good to see them again.  Guest "Dell" VanOs, Trish and Bob's Aunt from Leesburg Fl., visiting for the Holidays, was introduced and welcomed.

Joel Daniel then presented a revised registration form for the 35th Annual Florida State Meet combined with the 44th Annual Southeast Zone Meet. These two events have been combined to create one GREAT event for the 2012 Meet. Joel and Ken Lawson have spent many hours organizing and planning the joint event. All aspects appear to be well planned and organized. With their leadership and past experience we should breeze through and ALL have a great time.

Following Joel, Herb presented 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award plaques for everyone's review. These met with approval. Cost estimates are favorable and Herb will continue making a commitment. Do to the final number of Class designations costs will vary. Oppps, Steve, our waiter again this year began serving the meals so we had to take a break and eat.

After an outstanding meal Herb and Cindy treated all to handmade (Crocheted) Christmas Tree Ornaments. An array of designs in various colors were individually drawn by each who attended the meeting. A round of applause greeted Cindy, "Thank You, Cindy and Herb."

Next on the busy aganda was Chapter Officers elections for the coming year (2012). Nominated for "President" was Joel Daniel who is all ready heading up plans for the Florida State & Zone Meets in 2012. Joel accepted and ask for our membership support with Chapter activities. For "Vice President", Ken Lawson was nominated and accepted. Ken and Joel will be great leaders guiding us through the up and coming Events. The "Events Planner" nomination went to Bob Edwards. Bob has done this before and gladly accepted again asking for continued membership support by attending activities. The valued office of "Treasurer" nomination went to Larry Bryanton. Larry has held this office since conception of the Chapter and once again Larry accepted the challenge. You just can't keep a good man from a job he enjoys. Rounding out the Chapter Officer requirements the position of "Secretary" is a real challenge. Our past President Herb Hilderbrand was nominated and accepted this task. Herb had a hard year as our President for 2011 along with his many other family and club responsibilities. Thank you Herb for committing your time for another year serving as "Secretary"

Filling our Chapter Presidency for this past year Herb saw the opportunity to advance our Chapter by accepting the challenge of Hosting the combined Florida State Meet & SouthEastern Zone Meet. He immediately organized a committee to find a suitable host hotel, banquet facilities, Seek "T" Shirt and Plaque designs and filled positions with volunteers he could count on. Additionally, Herb has volunteered to headup the Awards Program. We will be seeing and hearing from Herb for some time to come over this next busy year. A BIG "Thank you" to Herb form all.

The success of the Committee to achieve our Chapter's goal of putting on a State & Southeastern Zone Meet will require the help of all members. Please support these volunteers in their efforts to serve.

Members Chip Wilkins and Robbie Walden have taken charge of "T" Shirt and Plaque designs. They will be submitting their ideas soon. Lots of work here to get the designs to complement while keeping cost under control. We look forward to their recommendations and reviewing samples.

Membership dues were collected from those that have not already remitted for 2012. If you have not paid your due please mail to Bob Edwards, 1121 Jamaica Rd. East, Jacksonville, Florida. Checks must be made out to "Bob Edwards" with a notation, bottom left FOR: Studebaker Chapter Membership NEF. The membership fee remains at $20.00 per household. This is used to cover picnic, (generally 3) and Chapter expenses for the year.

Coming to a close, Herb and Cindy held a 50/50 drawing. Member Sue Raber won the drawing taking home $26.00. She certainly is a lucky girl. Sue has won a number of prizes at our events, even a stuffed mechanical Rabbit at our Valentines dinner a couple of years back. Her husband "Ed" gets to share all the awards.

Now a few pictures of those that attended:




Let's meet the couples and guest:

           Larry Bryanton and Janelle Hinton            Bob and Francis Browatzki                        Brenda and Tom Spargo
            Carol and Ken Lawson                               Joel and Karel Daniel                            Sue and Ed Raber
                  Bernie Klepac                               Robbie Waldon and Chip Wilkins                      Roy and Shirley Hastings
     Bob Edwards and Aunt "Dell"         Bob and Trish Edwards with Aunt "Dell"

Guest "Dell" VanOs checks out President's Christmas Beard  -------OPPS ! It's REAL

A beautiful parking lot not often seen.


A final shot of our treasures at O'Charley's




by Frank Ambrogio

Congratulations on a job "WELL DONE"

Members of our Chapter "NorthEast Florida Studebaker Club" who attended the Banquet and those awarded Plaques were as follows; Bill Kolar, 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk, 2nd Place 

Steve & Lark James, 2006 Avanti convertible, 1st Place  

Trish & Bob Edwards, 1956 Golden Hawk, 1st Place  

Ben Rew, 1963 Studebaker Daytona "Sky Top" 1st Place. (Bill wasn't hungry and skipped the Banquet.

Joel Daniel with his 1988 Avanti convertible.

Ken and Carol Lawson (They drove a Non-Studebaker vehicle)

Our table at the Banquet (Joel hiding).

Orlando Chapter members Anita and Frank Ambrogio and Trish and Bob Edwards reacquainting in lobby.




High Noon found the North Hibatchi Grill parking lot decorated with 3 Studebaker cars and one Studebaker "modified" Pickup. Under the hood of Chip and Robbie's "green" machine is a powerful 289 Studebaker V8. Bernie's 1960 Lark is on the road again with a completely renovated gas tank. (Good to see you both again) President Herb Hilderbrand and wife Cindy arrived in style in their 1964 Avanti. Trish & Edwards arrived in their 1956 Golden Hawk (with Trish driving) sporting new hubcaps, New White Steering Wheel and New Taillights. Sue and Ed Raber arrived in their 1964 Marshall Pursuit, Police Cruiser. Gumball machine running and lights flashing it's quite the attraction getter. Good to see it on the road---but not in my rear view mirror. All other members arrived in non-Studebaker manufactured vehicles.


After assembling in our reserved dining room the girls decided to attack the food bars before Herb could open the Meeting. They were right, outstanding selection and variety of vegetables, Seafood, Beef, Pork, Beef Steaks, Salads, Fruits and Desserts. Couldn't resist, had to join them.
Opening the Meeting President Herb Hilderbrand began with preliminary coverage of plans for the Awards to be presented at our State Meet, 2012.
. An alternative to Trophies Herb presented a variety of Plaques for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. First place Plaque is inspected by Joel Daniel . This concept was met with overall approval and enthusiasm. Herb will continue to pursue this line and give an update at our December 3rd, Christmas Dinner Meeting.

Next, Chip Wilkins presented his plan for our "T" Shirt design. Chip and Robbie are reviewing existing member photo's and intend to use Photo Shop technology to embellish backgrounds to promote a theme. Many of our current member/vehicle photo's have to be updated as cars/trucks have been repainted or changed hands. Chip and Robbie will contact those members where new photo's are required. The front of the "T" Shirt will be a collage of members & their cars/trucks while the back will be advertising space. We have one sponsor currently. If you know of someone who would like to advertise/sponsor please contact Joel Daniel at 904-402-9860 for pricing. More information will be made available at our Christmas Dinner Meeting, December 3rd at OCharley's fine restaurant.

Our State Meet Chairman, Joel Daniel, presented a preliminary "Registration Form" for review. Details will be finalized based on suggestions made at todays Meeting and the form finalized. Joel will e-mail the finished form to Turning Wheels and bring copies to our December, Christmas Dinner Meeting. Joel has covered everything from hotel "Pet Acceptance" to arranging "HELP" to run our Hospitality Room. Joel has also volunteered to furnish and setup a "Hot Dog" grill in the parking lot, after the show vehicle entries have been inspected. Shirley Hastings has volunteered to furnish "Hot Dog" buns and condiments.
Bob Edwards will receive completed Registration Forms and monitor/record expenses. A profit/Loss statement will be prepared following the event.

Items donated for Auction will be logged by Bob Edwards and collected the week prior to the State Meet. Please set items aside at your home and notify Bob what you have. Currently we do not have storage space to hold them until next year. Larry Bryanton has volunteered to provide a professional auctioneer or become one himself by Meet time. (Start practicing, Larry---just in case) This can be a major fund raiser so please donate usable items.

Near the end of the Meeting Herb held a 50/50.. Karel Daniel was the lucky winner and split $32.00 with the club.

Herb also presented a "Bumper Sticker" displaying "STUDEBAKER". More on this later.

Pictured below are others who attended:


The Meeting adjourned at 2 pm and all regrouped in the parking lot to view the Studebakers and Avanti's.




Under threatening skies 3 brave Studebaker/Avanti owners drove their treasured cars to the parking lot of Hibachi Grill for our July Meeting. President Herb and wife Cindy arrived early and put cones out expecting a few more than 3 cars BUT, the storm warnings were out and most stayed home in their garage, dry. All in all 13 members chose to brave the coming rain and thunder storms. Those in attendance were; Chapter President Herb Hilderbrand and wife Cindy, Vice President Joel Daniel and wife Karel, Chip Wilkins and Robbie Waldon, Shirley and Roy Hastings, Ken Lawson, Larry Bryanton, Bob Browatzki and Trish and Bob Edwards.
On schedule, 12 Noon found us entering the Hibachi Grill and being escorted to a beautifully furnished banquet room where 3 attendants waited to serve us. Manager "Peter" saw to it that every request was immediately attended to. Outstanding service throughtout the entire meal. This is a very special place we will be visiting again soon I'm sure.
After seating President Herb banged the gavel and called the Meeting to order. He wanted to cover a few points before eating. The first subject was the Florida State Meet in 2012. A vote was taken and a positive reply was given. We will Host the Florida State Meet for 2012. After some discussion it was decided to pick the exact month and date at our next meeting. Holidays, Football game schedules and other car exhibits and shows will have a bearing on which month and weekend in October or November we can expect a good turnout. Next, Joel Daniel presented an impressive Hotel Survey/Tours form listing at least 5 locations he and Ken Lawson have contacted comparing facilities, amenities and prices. (Joel and Ken are covering all aspects such as; Access to Highways, Room Rates, Pet Friendly, Hospitality Room availability and cost, Banquet facilities, Food Service, Judging area, Parking area, closeness to Malls/Intertainment and more.) No stone left unturned. After a brief explanation the form was passed to members for their review and comments. Other points were covered briefly and will be covered again before finalizing i.e. "T" Shirt design and supplier, Trophy cost and supplier as well as quantity needed. Both Joel and Ken have experience in both areas as past members of our neighboring Chapter in Georgia.
No decisions were anticipated at this time as additional locations are being reviewed. This was an excellent report and we look forward to finalizing points at our next meeting.
Time to indulge in the many buffet tables. Vegetables, Seafood, Baby Back Ribs, at least 7 preparations of Chicken and much more. The dessert table was beckoning even before we ate the main meal.

After lunch Herb and Cindy held drawings for Door Prizes and a 50/50. (Cindy won a Bumper Sticker (3rd prize) but returned it for someone else to win) LUCKY LADY !
1ST Prize went to Joel Daniel                  Studebaker/Avanti Fender protector mat.
2nd Prize went to Shirley Hastings          Automobile Fire Extinguisher
3rd Prize went to Chip Wilkins                Studebaker Bumper sticker
4th Prize went to Bob Browatzki;            Studebaker Bumper sticker
The 50/50 was won by Bob & Trish Edwards.         (Trish decided to give the proceeds back to the Chapter, $18.00)

Bob Browatzki's wife Francis wasn't able to attend do to illness. Bob says she is doing much better after undergoing many tests and treatment but recovery is slow. He ask that we keep her in our prayers. We are looking forward to seeing her at our next meeting.

Late Friday I was notified by E-Mail that member Steven Graham passed away after a long and difficult fight with cancer. His Daughter Patti Zirhut, forwarded the sad news. Ken Lawson brought a copy of the Florida Times Union Obituary and read it to the membership. Steven had a great interest and love of Studebaker's. He owned and drove his 1960 Lark as a daily driver until April of this year. He always drove it to club functions, most recently our Picnic at Willow Branch Park, Oct. 2010, our annual picnic at Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine and our Luncheon Meeting at O'Charleys, Sept 2010. He also attended Noel Dana's exhibition of his car collection, displayed across his front yard for our Chapter. Our Chapter voted to honor Steven's wish by donating $50.00 to his favorite charity, Northeast Florida Community Hospice. Steven will be missed by his many friends in our Chapter.

Our next Meeting Date, Time and Place will be announced later. We're hoping for cooler weather. Maybe we can do a cookout, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, the park. Green Cove Springs maybe ? A few pictures of the brave and proud Studebakers and Avantis that took a chance on the weather:

                                                         Herb and Cindy's newly acquired Avanti            Bob Browatski's 1963 Daytona Lark Convertible
                   Bob's  Lark  interior                   Caught Roy Hastings with Shirley's door prize in-hand conversing with Larry Bryanton.

Some candid shots:
Herb opens the Meeting and discusses coming events and the Florida State Meet. Our Chapter should have a good representation at the 2011, Flordia State Meet in Orlando November, 11-13. Make plans to attend and get idea's that will help with our Meet in 2012. Sign up and let Herb know who is going.
                Ken, Carol and Larry                         Herb,Chip and Bob                 Cindy, Robbie, Shirley and Roy listen to Joel's report.

   Bob appears to be hungry but willing to listen.              Shirley and Roy gave us a quick pose.     That's all the pictures folks.

In closing, all were questioned about the various foods they tried. EACH exclaimed, IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN BETTER. The selection of American Food, Vegetables, Fish, Shrimp, Steak, Baby Back Ribs and more was outstanding. There is also a Grill set up to take your order and prepare it for you on the spot. This will be a super place to have our Banquet Dinner, 2012. Banquet rooms of 110 and 70 are available at no extra charge.



Trish and I arrived 30 minutes early to find Chapter President Herb Hilderbrand and his wife Cindy waiting for members to arrive. Tables were set and the grill blazing, little left to do, Herb and Cindy did it all. Hanging the Chapter banner and unloading ice for drinks was about all we could help with. New members Bob and Francis Browatzki helped finish setting up and by 10:45, 15 members and guests were re-establishing acquaintance and meeting guests Mike and Sandy Fitzgerald from St. Simons Island. Mike and Sandy arrived in their 1962 G.T. Hawk, this was the first time we've seen this beauty. All heads turned as he cruised by the picnic area heading for the parking lot. Who is that, everyone ask. Mike is restoring a 1956 Golden Hawk, ground up. The engine is being rebuilt by well known Studebaker enthusiast Jack Vines while Mike proceeds with sheet metal, paint, chrome and upholstery. He is hoping to complete this project in time for the 2012 State Meet.

New members Bob and Francis Browatzki arrived in their 1963 Lark Daytona Convertible, top down with their hair blowing in the ocean breeze. Bob is in process of restoring their Lark and this was its first appearance, quite impressive. Bob hopes to have their convertible ready for show at our 2012 State Meet. Our Chapter will have some strong entries, maybe we'll bring home some trophies.

An absolutely perfect day for a picnic Meeting at the Beach. Plenty of sunshine, a cool breeze, ocean scenery and great friends to share the day and food with.

On schedule, Herb rang the dinner bell, Larry Bryanton offered the invocation and the feast was on. Plates were soon heaped with samples of two types of Potato salad, BBQ baked beans, Coleslaw, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with all the fix'ins. No room for dessert, have to make a second trip. Cookies, brownies, Cherry and Apple pie and to top it off, Carrot Cake. Did I miss something ?. Yes, a selection of soda's, pretzels and BBQ Potato chips. Thirty minutes later Cindy announced SECONDS ANYONE ?

Shortly after a scrumptious meal Herb called the Meeting to order. Bob and Francis Browatzki were given a round of applause for helping with the picnic preparation and driving their 1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona Convertible.
Mike and Sandy were recognized as Guests and ask to join. It's a long way to drive form St. Simon Island for Meetings but maybe they will consider. (PS, we're the only Chapter near them, maybe they will think about it)

V.P. Joel Daniel gave his report on searching for a Hotel for the 2012 State Meet. Negotiations are under way with the Hampton Inn & Suites next to Tinseltown, Southside Blvd. The "Hibachi Grill" directly behind the hotel is being considered for the Banquet Dinner. They offer two private dining areas. One with seating capacity of 60 and the other of 110. More information will be coming. Ken & Carol, Joel & Karel and Trish & Bob are planning on a meal there next week for a test run.

A committee of 5 has been formed. Pres. Herb Hilderbrand, Vice. Pres. Joel Daniel, Ken Lawson, Larry Bryanton and Bob Edwards will collectively guide us through Hosting the 2012 State Meet. Pres. Herb said he would notify Edith Phifer of our decision and committment to Host the Meet most likely in October, 2012.

A break in the Meeting was called to award a Door Prize and hold a 50/50 drawing.

Cindy and Herb held up the prize, a Studebaker Mechanics fender protector pad Herb purchased from Studebaker International. .

Guest Sandy Fitzgerald was ask to draw the lucky ticket. And, would you guess who won ? Cindy Hilderbrand. We can expect to see Cindy leaning over the fender of Herb's Avanti changing the air cleaner. Watch for pictures of "Mechanic Cindy" in action.

To help with picnic expenses a 50/50 drawing was held. Our own V.P. Joel Daniel won and donated his winnings back to the club treasury. BIG "THANKS"Joel. What a guy.

Ken Lawson experienced a first for sure. While observing the parking lot lineup of Avanti's and Studebaker's a passing admirer stopped and gave Ken a donation of $5.00 for the Chapter, he enjoyed the fine lineup of vehicles. Now there's a real Studebaker enthusiast.

Herb will notify us via E-Mail and telephone when and where our next Meeting will take place. The suggestion was for mid-July. Be sure to check the "NEWS" page and watch for an E-Mail. This will be a restaurant meeting do to expected July heat and humidity.

A big"THANK YOU" goes out to Herb and Ken for taking pictures of our cars and trucks in the parking lot. My camera settings somehow went astray and all pictures taken were ultra bright. I was able to correct some but the parking lot reflective surface and the polished paint and chrome were too much.

And now, a few pictures of our members and guests:

  Joel & Karel and guest Sandy with her dog "Watson".               Mike sampling the food.                      Members enjoying conversation and food.
      Ken and Carol looking for plates.            Roy, Cindy and new member Bob Browatzki enjoy the shade.       Shirley fixing plate to join Roy

          Ken and Carol listening to Herb                                    Trish caught in the act                            Cindy waves at Herb, "Come and get it Herb".

Chef Herb finally gets to eat.

Herb will notify us via E-mail and telephone when and where our next Meeting will be held, mid July was suggested. Be sure to check your E-mail and the "NEWS" page of our website. This will be a restaurant Meeting do to heat experienced at this time of year.

Do to family committments Chip and Robbie have had to resign their Chapter positions. Herb needs HELP to fill the "Event Planner" position. Please contact Herb at:E-Mail

Thanks to Herb and Ken we have pictures of the Studebaker/Avanti parking lot display. SUPER GUYS,THANK YOU !


Shortly after 2:45 Herb ended the Meeting and we all retired to the Parking lot to admire Mike & Sandy's 1962 GT Hawk and Bob & Francis's '63 Lark Daytona convertible.



Valentines Day & 1st Meeting of 2011

  Valentines Day, February 14th found the parking lot of Hunter's BBQ, Oceanway, Jacksonville, Fl. over flowing with Studebaker and Avanti cars and pickups.


By 4pm, at least 10 Studebaker/Avanti treasures, an artists palette of colors, sparkled in the late afternoon sunlight. With hoods open members gathered around to see Buck Buchanan's 1966, "Red" Commander (paint still drying) frame off restoration, Ben Rew's 1963, Lark "Skytop", Ken & Carol's 1949, Yellow Studebaker Pickup & their 1962, Glade Green, Champ Pickup, Larry Bryanton's Cherry-Black 1987, Avanti and Janelle Hinton's 2004, Slate-Blue, Avanti convertible. Trish and Bob drove their 1956, Black, Golden Hawk and parked next to Buck's second car a 1974, Gold, Avanti. Trish and Ryan Wilkins arrived in their 1962, Teal, Lark Daytona and President Herb and Cindy Hilderbrand brought their trusty 1949, Green, Commander which we haven't seen lately.





4:15 found President Herb and Cindy Hilderbrand ushering us inside to start the Meeting and Valentines Day celebration. After our orders were taken for food and drinks (Non-Alcoholic) Herb called the Meeting to order using the Presidents Gavel and Marble stand. Herb introduced and welcomed new members Bob & Francis Browatzki of Orange Park, Florida.

Bob is in the finishing stage of completing the restoration of their 1963 Lark convertible. It's completion date is this year, possibly by our next Meeting in late April. Bob has a past history in the automotive industry as a dealer and has enjoyed owning and driving Studebakers for many years. (He wont say how many) We look forward to seeing his Lark convertible (top down) at our summer Meets.

No old business to cover so Herb moved on to raising interest in our Chapter Hosting the 2012 Florida State Meet and where might be a good location. Vice President Joel Daniel, Ken Lawson, Bob Edwards and Herb agreed to meet and scout a number of possible sites suggested. Ed Raber and Rick Wyman suggested we not go out-of-town too far because alternate activities would be limited. Even though the latest Meets they have both attended were well planned and managed, the lack of restaurants close by and absence of Shopping Malls, Antique Shops etc. left little to do between Meet activities. We will do a preliminary review and make a report at the next Meeting, late April.

Ed and Sue Raber extended an invitation to our members to come and visit them at their "Foot of the Hills cabin" for a weekend near Helen Georgia. Want to do a "Get-Away" week or weekend ? Give Ed and Sue a call at 553-5938-5939 and talk it over. There is a beautiful viewing area and paths in the woods so plan to bring hiking shoes. Ed and Sue do not drink or smoke----now's a good time to quit.

Chip Wilkins our "Events Planner" and Robbie Walden have opened an account (in their name) on "Face Book" to expand our Chapters exposure. Their goal is to attract new and younger Studebaker enthusiasts to come to our Meetings and join Studebaker Drivers Club and our Chapter. Those members that do not want their pictures or car/truck pictures on "Face Book" are ask to contact Robbie or Chip. No names, addresses, e-mail or telephone information will be posted.

The Studebaker Club of Northeast Florida is a Chartered member of Studebaker Drivers Club International and is bound by the laws and regulations of the parent organization, SDC. No membership information will be provided to anyone outside of our Chapter without explicit permission.

Our Website, provides a "LINKS" page where we are linked to Studebaker Drivers Club International, (Required). After opening the "Links" page, click on at the top of the the "STUDEBAKER WEB RING" page. Many Studebaker Parts, repair & Vendors can be found and contacted via e-mail and telephone numbers from this page. In this manner our Chapter is linked to all Studebaker Club sites. VISIT:, click on "Local SDC Chapters" in the left column then select "Florida". This provides a list of all Florida Chapters and contact information.

Big Bend Chapter       No Website listed
Central Florida Chapter
Gulf Coast Studebaker Drivers Club       No Website listed
Northeast Florida Studebaker Club
Orlando Area Chapter
Sunshine Chapter
Southwest Gulf SDC Chapter

(Note: The name "Studebaker" appears in our URL. When "Googled" our Website will be found on Page 12.)


Meals began to be served so conversations ended to enjoy "Hunter's BBQ Sandwiches and dinners.

After a scrumptious, shredded BBQ Pork dinner Herb again addressed members.   Edith Fifer is doing an outstanding job in organizing and distributing Florida Chapter News articles and activities via her "Studebaker Gathering" program. She recently made the following information available:

Saturday, February 19th is Studebaker weekend at the Villages Town Square, Spanish Springs, Fl. We will meet in the parking lot at 2PM (sharp) and be escorted as a group to the Square at 2:15PM. Show period is 4 to 8PM.

MARCH 5     Studebaker gathering at "Don Garlits" Bring a covered dish to share. We will eat on-site. "Don Garlits" is on Interstate 75, outside of Ocala, Fl.

MARCH 12     7th Annual Studebaker at Old Town, Kissimmee/Orlando. For more information contact Butch Figurella at 561-793-4957.

MARCH 18-19      43rd South Zone Meet, Tifton, Georgia. Information in current issue of Turning Wheels.

NOVEMBER 11-13     Florida State Meet (Host: Orlando Area Chapter) Orlando Marriot Hotel. Review information in current Turning Wheels issue.

Trish and Bob will be attending "The Villages" event on February 19. We will be departing Jacksonville at 9AM, Saturday and returning in the evening. Please contact us if your interested in cruising with us. 904-724-0457.

Trish and Bob are also planning to attend the "Don Garlits" Studebaker Gathering---a picnic/lunch event. "Don Garlits" is located on InterState Route 75 just outsude of Ocala, Florida.

With final announcements Herb closed the Meeting and all retired to the parking lot to enjoy and admire the fine collection of Studebaker/Avanti products.

A big "THANK YOU" to those members who chose to attend and support the 1st Meeting of 2011 and the celebration of Valentines Day.

Robbie, Chip and Herb passed out beautiful American Red Roses to all the women as we left. The men got Chocolate-Chip tins in hopes of keeping them sweet until next year.

Enjoy the pictures taken by Robbie Walden our Chapter photographer and Trish the roving reporter


                       Ken Lawson & son Ken Jr.                        Karel & Joel Daniel V.P.                          Carol & Rick Wyman


                 Carol Lawson        Janelle Hinton                 Francis & Bob Browatzki                            Ryan & Trish Wilkins


                Chip Wilkins & Robbie Walden             President Herb Hilderbrand & Wife Cindy                Trish & Bob Edwards


        Ken Lawson Jr.,Ken Lawson Sr.,Carol, & and Janelle Hinton            Ben Rew                           Shirley & Roy Hastings


                                  Buck Buchanan                                      Ken Lawson Jr.                                   Janelle Hinton



Chip and Robbie arrived to help setup the grill, tables and Chapter Banners. (Chip's getting good at this) Tables covered, Banners Flying the grill was lit.


 By 1pm most had arrived. Guest Don Higgs brought sad news that B.J.Cannon had to cancel do to a family illness. His 1925 E-Q6 Studebaker is purrrrring and ready for show. Hopefully we'll see it at our Christmas Dinner early December.

Studebaker's and Avanti's slowly took over the parking area as members arrived. Robbie almost maxed-out her cameras picture storage capacity. Steve James drove his pearl white 2006 Avanti all the way from Elkton, Fl. and Joel Daniel brought his 1948 Studebaker pickup, this was its first showing at a club event. Really a "COOL" ride. Another first was Ken & Carol Lawson's 1948 "Big Yeller" Pickup. Ken recently purchased it from the Charles Downing Estate and now has it on the road again. Janelle Hinton arrived, hair blowing in the wind in her 2004 Avanti convertible. Great to see her at yet another event. Larry Bryanton arrived in his highly polished 1987 Avanti, Herb and Cindy in their super clean 1981 Avanti, Roy and Shirley Hastings, added more color to the line up with their 1955 President. Chip and Robbie "Powered-in" in their 1966, V8 Commander, Cruiser and Ben Rew arrived in his Red, 1963 Lark 'Skytop". Also, another first at an event was Steve Graham and guests arriving in his 1963 Yellow Lark. Of course, Bob Edwards drove his Black, 1956 Golden Hawk (acting as a Pickup) hauling extra chairs, a CD Player, Food and drink. While Trish Edwards drove her Dodge Durango loaded to the roof with a grill, ice, food, more drinks and pets, Ross & Lily.

One of the "BEST" turnouts ever for our show pieces, 11 in all, SUPER CARS ! A BIG " THANK YOU" to the attending Chapter members.

It wasn't long before the grill was lit and Trish, Chip and Herb were yelling "COME AND GET IT, THEIR "HOT"


The truth be told, Chip couldn't wait to eat and started with the invocation The line started forming almost immediately.



Our wives provided the fix'ins once again. Fantastic Baked Beans, a healthy serving of salad, Potato Salad, Sweet Potato Cake, Peanutbutter cookies, festive colored cupcakes, and so much more. Potato Chips, plain and BBQ a selection of diet and non-diet soft drinks Ice Tea and water. mmmmmmm O' SO GOOD !

After lunch (before sleep set in) the meeting was called to order. First on the agenda was the election of Chapter Officers for 2011. A cheer was heard as Herb Hilderbrand offered his experience at being our new President. He said "I cant wait to get rolling" We've a lot to work on, attendance, participation and fund raising. Also, new memberships in both Studebaker Drivers Club International and our Chapter. Joel Daniel stepped up and was unanimously accepted as Vice President. Joel has held office in the Georgia Chapter prior to moving to Florida. His experience will be invaluable. Larry Bryanton accepted the Office of Treasurer which he has held since the founding of our Chapter and guides us financially. "Thanks once again Larry" Roy Hastings offered his service to continue as Technical Advisor and Support. Unfortunately his computer is out-of-service so business will have to be by landline. (Contact me for his phone number) Robbie Walden volunteered to administer the Chapter's Website and be our professional photographer. We did not fill the offices of "Secretary" and "Events" planner. Hopefully we can fill these two important offices at our Christmas Party and Dinner Meeting mid December.

Joel Daniel brought information from the Florida State Meet. Joel & Karol, Sue & Ed Raber and Ben Rew & Debbie attended the 33rd Annual Florida State Meet in Crawford Fl. The new Florida "BIG BEND" Chapter put on an excellent event we're told. Many compliments have circulated on the SDC news sites and local chapter e-mails. Especially mentioned was the Hospitality Room and Banquet, Seafood Dinner. Congratulations were extended from all who attended. (This was their first hosting event) GREAT JOB

Ken Lawson addressed the crowd after eating to let us know he has accepted Charley Downings collection of "Turning Wheels" magazines. He has indexed them and will cull out any issue, pertaining to our club members cars on request. There are approximately 300 issues, dating back to 1968. Please contact Ken if you would like a particular issue. E Mail  Once our membership requests are satisfied the remainder will be shipped to SDC (Cornerstone Registration) for resale. They sell these for $5.00 from their library.

Joel Daniel brought to our attention that, on a rotation basis, it is our Chapter's turn to Host the Florida State Meet--October 2011. An e-mail has been forwarded to each member asking you to vote on hosting the Event and if you will participate. Please respond immediately as we need to notify the commitee and Mrs. Edith Fifer ASAP. We have hosted two events in the past, the 2002 Southeast Zone Meet and the 29th Annual Florida State Meet in 2006. We have the experience and can do it with your help. Please contact me with your suggestions and thoughts.

Did our candid camera photographer Robbie catch you ?


          Guest Don Higgs talking with our Technical advisor Roy Hastings                              Joel Danile just loves Trish and Bob's Pugs,           Ross & Lily.




Trish and Bob try to get the football game.


Ken Lawson addresses members with information concerning Charlie's donation of Turning Wheels issues.


AND NOW, for some great pictures of our members cars by Robbie Walden.


     Steve & Lark's 2006 Avanti convertible.         Janelle Hinton's 2002 Avanti convertible             Larry Bryanton's 1988 Avanti


        Joel and Karel's 1948 Pickup                        Shirley and Roy's 1955 President                 Trish and Bob's 1956 Golden Hawk


         Chip and Robbie's 1966 Commander                   Cindy and Herb's 1981 Avanti                     Ken and Carol's 1948 Pickup.


Ben and Debbie's 1963 Lark Skytop.                             Steve Graham's 1963 Lark




  Saturday mid-afternoon found us waiting in the parking lot at J.C. Penney & Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 2:15pm. Members Shirley and Roy Hastings, Steve Graham and friend Dolly Hook and Steve's daughter Patti Zirhut patiently waited until 3:00pm then headed for the "Dana" residence. On arrival we found members Karel and Joel Daniel leisurely waiting for us on Dana's lawn furniture. They missed us in the parking lot and used their GPS to find Dana's home.

Mildred and Noel met us in the midst of their beautifully displayed 19 car collection. Mildred told me Noel got up early and with help brought each car out of the garage and positioned them around the circle court yard and manicured lawn. Noel and an assistant spent most of the morning dusting and polishing each of his treasures.

While Noel prepared the tour, Trish presented Mildred with a flower arrangement from our Chapter.



Noel begins the tour with a little history of each of his favorites.

The Ford Model "A" is one he tours with frequently.



Club members listen to Noel give history of the Packard and Model "A"

Karel Daniel examines the line of Noel's 1940's & 1950's treasures.


  Members admire cars while Noel Dana tells how he acquired them and how long he's owned them. All are low mileage and unrestored but brought back to original show quality.


   Noel and Mildred's favorite they kept hidden to last. What a "Crown Jewel" a 1912 Model "T", a real museum piece. Noel starts it with two turns of the crank and it purrs to life.

Trish gets her first ride in a "T". 


Our chapter of "Studebaker Drivers Club of America" (Northeast Florida Studebaker Club) "THANKS" Mildred and Noel Dana for inviting us to their home and for the opportunity to see their antique automobile collection. For the members of our club that didn't make this "EVENT" "You missed a beautiful collection of Antique Automobiles and Memorabilia displayed in their home."


Off to Dinner at "O'CHARLEY'S"

 True to form Manager "Jackie" met us at the door at 4:15. Without hesitation she addressed us as 'The Studebaker Club" and went outside to see the Studebakers but some members had parked out back, a slight disappointment.

We picked up two more members, Robbie Walden and Chip Wilkins. They arrived in their 1966 Studebaker Commander. Chip just finished installing a V8, 289 Engine. This car is looking and sounding better all the time. Robbie brought her new camera and immediately started shooting. "Focus, Focus" and "I just got new glasses too" was heard". But after more than 30 pictures I think she was getting the hang of it. The major problem turned out to be no one took her picture. Promise, next time Robbie.

Guests Mildred and Noel Dana were seated and Robbie got them immediately, they didn't even have time to order.


   After a few group shots orders for food and drink were taken. This gave Robbie more time to "FOCUS" she said.



   Joel and Karel Daniel and Steve Graham, Dolly and Steve's daughter Patti appear to be enjoying there meal.


   Dinner is served and conversations stopped. This time everyone got their order and everything was excellent except the Chicken meals were too spicey. Next time    we will remember to order "No Pepper".


After dinner Bob passed out flyers to the 42nd Southeast Zone Meet, October 8th thru 10th at Braselton, Georgia. Three of our members will be attending and hopefully they will bring back pictures for me to post. We certainly hope they will bring back a Trophy too. Bob also passed out flyers for the 33rd Annual Florida State Studebaker Meet, October 22 thru the 24th at Wildwood Resort in Beautiful Wakulla County (Crawfordville, Fl - just minutes south of Tallahassee) To date we have four members planning to attend.


After the announcements the Meeting was ajourned. Again, we want to give a special "THANK YOU" to our guests, Mildred and Noel Dana for the splended display of their antique cars and allowing us to see and enjoy the memorabilia collection in their home.

Northeast Florida Chapter Shirts and Logo's

 "Hometown Threads", located in SuperWalmart, 8808 Beach Blvd. completed our order of 3 shirts in time for display at our dinner meeting. My favorite is the "Light Weight Blend", Port Authority-Easy Care, Soil Resistant (protects from stains), 60/40 - Cotton/Polyester - Dupont Teflon shirt. I'm wearing it in the photo's. This shirt has a pocket, button-down collar and embroidered Chapter Logo & Name. Total:(tax included) $34.44. We furnished 2 other pullovers for Logo and Name at a price of $13.00 each, you pick the colors and Font style. "Hometown Threads" has our artwork on their computer so their ready to go. Simply ask for "Studebaker of Northeast Florida". They also do hats and silk screen printing. You can reach them at 904-646-4004 or visit their store in WalMart.

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